Session 48

Session 48

DATE: Sunday, October 4, 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM EDT - See Also: Player Session 48

Midnight 18th-19th 3:00 PM Summerend

Having finally bested the dark knight and his nightmare mount, and many undead and a few ogres, and rescued some refugees from Cliffcrest, the party overnights on the 3 sand ships a 20 minute ride by Quaal from the city.

Gaul’s Note via Hawk to High Jarl:

High Jarl - Champion of Necromancer slain. Refugees rescued. Cliffcrest obelisk toppled and defiled. Attack began with insect swarms against citizenry. Victims of insects now walking dead. Winds still, waiting on favorable before returning to Haven.

Fortune be with you, the Champion.

The party plans to sail back to Haven, but are becalmed.

They see a giant burning sand ship that erupts into a shower of sparks with a flaming skull like the symbol of The Necromancer that seems to come straight at each of them, except Renelan.

So they set watches. On the second watch, Fire Mountain erupts and belches forth embers in the distance. It is soon followed by a sandstorm.

Gaul cast Speak with Dead on the head of The Champion and asks two questions:

1.) Why topple the obelisks?

A: They are an abomination to the Blessed Necromancer.

2.) What effect does the Son of The Necromancer hope to negate by toppling obelisks?

A: The Horde fears them. One who can topple them has their undying loyalty.

Gaul then cast Divination requiring him to sacrifice a living creature, and he sacrifices a war camel and a 1,000 gp emerald. He sees a light rain over Haven, which is considered a good omen.

Gaul consults his phylactery and gets the sense to protect the obelisks from all enemies.

As they travel and come near Haven, they are slowed by the sand which has a crust from the recent rain Gaul sensed.

They report to the High Jarl and he is glad of their return and got the message born by Hawk, but he ate on of the ravens.

In Haven they saw the burning ship but no skull.

They go to Old Gorm and he willingly identifies the items off The Champion, but wants nothing to do with the armor.

Stohagan asks about the Obelisks, but Old Gorm isn’t sure, he grew up with them under his nose. He suggested the priest at the temple might know.

The rest of the party goes to the temple and the gate keeper of the temple asks them to return tomorrow and tells them that he will alert the Master of Records to look into the obelisks.

the next day, they divide accumulated loot.

Canis casts detect magic on the obelisk in Haven and detects a faint, warm glow indicating ancient magic. He looks up and emanating from the tip of the obelisk is a faint trail of magic going off in the direction of each of the Sand Viking settlements, except Cliffcrest. However, one in a similar direction that they believe goes towards The Necropolis. There are several more lines off to the East.

Gaul consults his phylactery about wearing the armor. He senses like he is asked if he is seeking a new master?

Gaul has a litter built to bear the magic armor of The Champion. It gives everyone the creeps. they take it to the temple. The day shift gate keeper can sense its evil and makes the litter bearers keep it outside.

They meet with the Master of Records who has not yet had time to find first hand accounts, but only second hand writings about second hand sources who generally confirm what the party suspects about the obelisks.

They then ask about destroying the armor and the mid level priest runs off to get the high priest. Gaul casts protection from evil and remove curse and they bring the armor into the sanctuary and immerse it in a holy vessel filled with holy water. They lower a lead lined blessed curtain to surround it. Canis remains and casts Dispel Magic and it helps but is far from destroying it.

The high priest assures them that the Son of the Necromancer cannot find it by scrying, but only by standing here to see it with his own eyes.

The party then goes to their ship to make preparations to head toward Cliffcrest or perhaps the Necropolis.

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