Session 49

Session 49

DATE: Sunday, October 11, 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM EDT See Also Player Session 49

3:00 PM 19th Summerend - Midnight 24th of Summerend

It is 3:00 PM the 19th of Summerend. The party is at the sand ships ready to depart toward Cliffcrest, or perhaps The Necropolis….

Before heading out, Gaul casts Divination and checks Sandport and it appears to be fine. There is no sign of attack.

They head Northwest to Sandvale and the obelisk there is OK. Canis detects magic and the thin lines lead mostly to the East, but one strand heads in the general direction of the Necropolis.

The next day, they continue West towards Fire Mountain. The thought is that maybe they can learn something about the Horde there, or perhaps make allies of giants.

They come to an oasis and stop for the night. Gaul cast speak with animals and sends Hawk to scout.

There is no wind the next day so they are stuck at the oasis. Some of the party scout out about a mile and circle the oasis and come upon a Footed Sand Snake. Some thirty foot long lizard like a snake but with four legs. It hides in the sand and strikes from ambush. They quickly kill it.

That night there is an eerie dim glow from the summit of Fire Mountain.

They go as far as is safe to take the sand ships, and continue on quaals and camels.

They set camp and before the end of first watch, Dinkgus is yelling to wake the party as they are set upon by seven trolls.

They managed to slay six of the trolls and Chesty charmed one of them.

It is now midnight the 24th of Summerend and they have looted the trolls. The charmed one’s only loot is the quaal it slew and it busily munching as it looks at Chesty for direction, but Chesty doesn’t speak troll.


9,000 GP ten gems (five 50 gp onyx & five 500 fp violet garnets) three jewelry (gold chain bracelet - 200 gp; necklace with gold & garnet - 2,000 gp; necklace with gold & amethyst - 2,000 gp) vial Javelin crossbow Total XP/GP Value of Loot: 15,950 / 7 = 2,278.57 GP 2,279 XP each

Total Monster XP: 5,219 / 7 = 746 XP each


Footed Sand Snake - Canis, Jorl, Gaul, Chesty, & Dinkgus 795 XP / 5 = 159 XP each

NOTE: You have to be in a safe place like back at the ships or a town for the XP to level you up.

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