Session 50

Session 50

DATE: Sunday, October 18, 2020 Noon - 4:00 PM EDT See Also: Player Session 50

It is midnight the 24th of Summerend. The party is at the site of their camp where they were attacked by seven trolls. They felled six and charmed one, but lost two mounts. Their goal was to go to Fire Mountain and seek potential giant allies, and possibly find information about The Horde.

Gaul casts tongues and learns that the trolls were driven from their lair by “rolling fire” (lava) and that his name is Grak's Finger, and that he lost his loot to this fire. Chesty gives him a sack of 1,000 CP so he has loot again.

Grak's Finger leads them toward the far side of Fire Mountain.

While they are setting camp, Canis flies around to ensure that they are safe, and Stohagan has his owl do the same. Gaul goes back a mile in the direction of a steam vent that gives off a glow. He finds a lava tube that appears to have re-filled with lava and caught the trolls unawares in their former lair. It is not traversible without magic to protect from the heat.

A wyvern attacks trying to carry off Dinkgus who has tied himself to Chesty’s quaal so he doesn’t fall off during his watch, or now, when he is sleeping.

The troll, Grak’s Finger, attacks, but is felled by the poison from the wyvern’s stinger.

The party manages to slay the Wyvern and revive the quaal.

They skin it and save the skin and eat some of the meat and feed the quaals and the troll.

The next day, Canis becomes a bird and flies over the lip of the volcano and far below sees humans rolling boulder away from the inside edge of the volcano. The boulders roll into the lava below. There are also several smaller figures that appear to be snake men. Men with the bodies of snakes, but details are lacking.

Canis notices a trail up from where they are working and follows it up to a fissure with steam. The trail goes over the northern lip of the volcano and down to a cave. Canis returns to the group and it is decided that Stohagan, Canis, and Dinkgus will go check out the cave.

Using fly spells on Stohagan and Dinkgus and invisibility on all 3 of them they fly up to the lip and go as far as they can before the fly spells wear off. First Dinkgus, but Stohagan carries Dinkgus another 40 minutes to within a few hundred yards of the trail.

They sneak up to the trail and down the lip of the volcano and Canis flies into the cave and hears talking in a language he can’t understand and reports back to the others.

They decide to go in and make use of their invisibility.

Dinkgus goes in and casts color spray and stuns one Fire Giant.

Stohagan casts ice storm and drops one giant and hurts the other 3.

Two charge Dinkgus. Canis steps in and sets for a charge. Both Dinkgus and Canis are hit hard, but Canis’ spear dropped one.

Stohagan cast lightning bolt and dropped the other two and shattered the chest of loot. He slagged a suit of magical splint mail, a magic shield, and a scroll. Only the coins, gems, jewelry, and a potion survived.

They enlarge the fly and Dinkgus carries 7,000 GP 200 yards off the trail and hides it and comes back for the others and several thousand GP and they fly back to camp.

At camp, Jorl enlarges the fly again and Dinkgus and Chesty go back to get more loot. They roll the two undamages sacks from two of the giants into the portable hole.

Chesty shrinks the enormous chest and they dump the contents in the portable hole.

They fly back to camp but not before the 4 male giants come home and toss rocks at them as Chesty uses dust of disappearance to conceal them. Rocks sail past. They manage to retrieve the 7,000 gp Dinkgus hid earlier and get back to camp.

The decision is made to head back to the ships and they immediately begin travelling to get as far as they can before the fly reverts to it’s miniature size.

It is about 6:30 PM.

XP Awards:

3 characters fought the 4 fire giants so get the XP:

4 Fire Giants: 14,224/3 = 4,741 each for Canis, Dinkgus, & Stohagan

Wyvern 924+400=1325/8 = 166 each (Radan helped)



9k cp/200=45

5k sp/20=250

2k ep/2=1000

15k gp

16295 gp/xp

7 Bloodstones @ 50 gp each = 350 gp

6 jewelry

Armlet - 1k gp

Badge/Pin - 1k gp

circlet - 1 k gp

crown - 1 k gp

ring - 500 gp

torc - 1k gp

= 5,500 gp

Total GP/XP For Loot:

22,445/7=3,206 or /8=2,806 if Radan gets a share

one potion

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