Session 52

Session 52

DATE: Sunday, November 1, 2020 Noon - 3:30 PM EDT See Also: Player Session 52

It is now 3:00 PM the 27th of Summerend.

After the fight with the Lammia, the party has found her loot and not finding any other signs of hidden riches, they head back to the ships.

The wind has stopped, so the ships cannot move. There is a distant rumbling to the North from Fire Mountain and it smokes for four hours.

Since they are stuck until the wind picks up, Gaul, Canis, Stohagan, and Radan decide to ride south a mile then circle the lammia’s lair to ensure things are well.

After they have gone about a mile, they see a half dozen riders on Quaals coming North. Soon they see that they are undead riding skeletal quaals. Stohagan casts slow and catches the riders and their mounts. Gaul casts protection from evil. Stohagan casts mirror image. Canis waits. Gaul tells Radan to ride for help.

The riders charge and the stench weakens both Canis and Stohagan. A fight ensues. Gaul turns, hoping to convert undead to his cause, and instead two mounts fall to dust and the riders flee. Canis wounds his assailant.

The riders in the back circle around. Canis is hit by one and the other grabs the reins of his mount and runs south.

Gaul turns and Stohagan casts magic missile. Then they break off and go after Canis, soon catching up and Gaul cutting his reins so Stohagan can heard the quaal back towards safety. By now, Radan has reached the ships and the rest of the party heads south.

The rest of the party finally shows up and finishes off the turned undead.

They see a group of a dozen or more ghouls being lead by a mummy on a mummified quaal.

Chesty casts Tenser’s Floating Disk, then sets up his brazier on it and lights it. He is also invisible and summons the fire elemental and sends after the rider. Others cast healing on characters and mounts before the next fight.

The mummy turns away from the elemental, so Chesty sends it to deal with the ghouls.

Dinkgus is on the ebony fly with Jorl and they see three dozen zombies slowly shambling north. Dinkgus learns that undead are not affected by some of his illusions.

He turns to go back with the others and notices trouble at the ships. They later learn that a group of skeletons swarmed the Soaring Eagle and killed six crew and wounded several more.

The mummy charges and when the party catches sight of it, Canis, Campion, and Dinkgus are frozen with fright. The mummy and its mount are ineffectual. Between a charge by Gaul, Radan, and magic missile from Chesty, the mummy is overwhelmed and the mount dealt with.

The fire elemental keeps the ghouls busy and the zombies are turned by Gaul and Campion. Gaul is still surprised and puzzled that his efforts to convert his own force of undead results in them falling to dust.

Chesty searches the mummy and notices it has a medallion around its neck with the symbol of The Necromancer. Chesty collects one arm from the mummy and the medallion and puts them in the portable hole against the warnings of the others.

The party heads back to the ships to help, only to find that the crew managed to deal with the skeletons.

It is now 6:00 PM the 27th of Summerend. The wind remains still. Fire Mountain will smoke for another hour or so.

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