Session 53

Session 53

DATE: Sunday, November 8, 2020 Noon - 3:00 See Also: Player Session 53

It is now 6:00 PM the 27th of Summerend. The wind remains still. Fire Mountain will smoke for another hour or so.

The Kolgar and his crew lay their six fallen shipmates to rest in the building that once house the Lammia. They put a silver coin in the mouth of each, to help prevent them rising. The party carves the symbols of the Justice Maker (Truth & Virtue) on the front and back of each coin.

Chesty had Grak's Finger push in the walls and the crews help cover the remains that the building collapse didn’t cover.

Gaul has a fitful sleep with nightmares that lead him to conclude he gravely erred when he helped kill evil flying creatures, and especially when he sacrificed the harpies.

The next morning, 18th Summerend, Campion casts Ceremony (Burial) and then Glyph of Warding using the symbol of Truth & Virtue.

The party elects to go further West before turning back South to The Necropolis. They spot a domed structure and go to investigate. It is a mud brick structure with steps leading up to the doorless entrance. The exterior of the structure is rough and there are holes in the dome.

Dinkgus detects no traps on the steps and goes in. There he sees ten skeletons formed into the walls, as if by stone shape. There is a sarcophagus in the middle and the lid is slightly open.

Gaul turns and destroys he skeletons and they fall to dust.

Dinkgus moves up to the sarcophagus and the huge Mimic grabs him. The rest of the party rushes in to help. Dinkgus is swallowed. All are striking the creature. Dinkgus activates his ebony fly and the mimic is splattered all over the rest of the party.

They spend time looking for secret doors but find no openings other than those formerly occupied by the skeletons, now turned to dust.

The sands show signs of thinning, so they turn back South. The afternoon and early evening passes without excitement. Dinkgus decides to fly two more hours south and then come back. Before turning back, he sees torch or lantern light in The Necropolis.

Dinkgus gets back at midnight. Chesty agreed to take first watch, since Dinkgus was out flying around.

After Dinkgus returned and settled into sleep, 3 Sand Squids attacked, one to each ship. Two crew were taken from the Sand Witch and one each from the Soaring Eagle and Sand Splitter. The party quickly dispatched all three creatures. Only the ballista from the Sand Splitter found a target in a sand squid.

Gaul and Canis went to work retrieving the ink sacks. Gaul misjudged and ruptured the ink sack on one, and became covered with ink. Canis easily managed to get one, so Gaul deferred and let Canis also retrieve the other. They have about 2.5 gallons of ink each. They also retrieved the three beaks and various other bits of the creatures.

The party switched up watches so that spell casters can get enough rest to re-learn spells. The next morning, the 1st of Leaf-turn, they began discussing finding the lair(s) of these sand squids.

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