Session 55

Session 55

DATE: Sunday, November 22, 2020 Noon - 4:00 PM See Also: Player Session 55

10:00 AM 2nd Leaf-turn - 2:00 PM 2nd Leaf-turn

The party continues their travels, tacking against the wind from the South, and about 10:00 AM on the 2nd, they spot a patrol of forces riding Horde Beasts.

The party elected to turn and advance towards their foes.

Their foes charged and the riders dismounted from the horde beasts to free them to leap onto the sand ships. This appeared to have initial success, but a well placed fireball from Jorl took out a large number of them and injured the leader and their war banner was destroyed.

Other spells occupied several of them and each of the two sand viking ships held their own.

Jorl charged the leader and dealt a fearsome blow. Magic missiles dropped him. Canis took bear form and joined Jorl. Soon they were only faced with horde beasts of the leader and attendants.

Nearly all of the Horde forces were slain, when they and their mounts started to get up. They removed amulets from those not yet moving and quickly dispatch those that got up.

Grak’s Finger eagerly slew and ate two horde beasts and was enlarged and sent to deal with stragglers. He was covered by undead who couldn’t stop him.

Turn undead destroyed the undead Horde.

Detect magic revealed that only the amulets held magic. All but the leader wore copper amulets, the leader had a gold amulet.

They burned the bodies and elected to stop and rest before pressing on to The Necropolis.

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