Session 56

Session 56

DATE: Sunday, November 28, 2020 Noon - 4:00 PM See Also: Player Session 56

2:00 PM 2nd Leaf-turn - 2:00 PM 3rd Leaf-turn

After besting the Horde patrol, the party elects to rest and relearn spell before heading to The Necropolis.

There are two Horde Beasts that Gaul saved, or had his hirelings saved aboard the Sand Witch.

They move the ships a few miles east of the battle and rest. They rest until nightfall and Gaul casts Speak with Dead on the head of the leader of the group they defeated.

Who or what are the top 10, in order of authority, dangerous members of the Son of The Necromancer forces and allies to be found in the vicinity of The Necropolis?

To the best of your knowledge, where is the Son of The Necromancer expected to be today and the next week.

What are the machinations between the Son of the Necromancer and the powers residing at Fire Mountain?

2nd casting of speak with dead by Gaul:

What is the nature of the key that the Son of the Necromancer is seeking?

Where is the Son of The Necromancer seeking The Key (to the whatever the previous answer was)?

What skills are the cadre of the Son of The Necromancer known for?

Speak with Dead cast by Campion:

In which specific locations does the Son of The Necromancer seek The Key?

How do we enter the Necropolis without being detected by the forces of the Son of The Necromancer?

Gaul then cast Divination and scarified the two captured Horde Beasts. Gaul sought information about The Necropolis. There are hundreds of undead, warriors, a score of priest, a handful of wizards, a rich treasure, and depending on which actions the party takes they could anger either Powers of Darkness or Powers of Light.

The party rests and the next morning they decide to head towards The Necropolis. They send Canis out ahead in the form of an eagle to scout and report back. They hear a rumbling to the North and see smoke rising from Fire Mountain and it lasts about four hours.

About an hour into their journey, Radan falls into a trance and Gaul attempts to cast Command to get Radan to snap out of it. Gaul is thrown back on the deck and himself falls into a trance. He hears the voice of The Justice Maker - “Do no interfere with my faithful servant.”

Gaul then finds himself standing near Radan before The Justice Maker, and hears The Justice Maker tell Radan to restore one of the four obelisks that is near The Necropolis. It must be blessed if they are to succeed in their quest.

Radan wakes up and shares this with the others. When they doubt this, Gaul wakes up and Radan says, “Ask him, he was there.” Gaul confirms Radan’s words.

The party then turns towards the Southeast obelisk. About an hour into their journey, two members of The Horde attack the party. One appears behind Stohagan and attempts to backstab him, but misses. The assassin is gravely wounded and flies off. Another individual appears and the party injure him, but not before something happens to destroy the words of Campion’s Protection from Evil scroll. This person was blinded by Continual Light.

Chesty casts Fireball and the assassin falls. The other person remains aloft and it dropped the next round before he can flee. Gaul binds his wounds and then binds him, and removes his necklace with the symbol of The Necromancer and Chesty puts it in the Portable Hole.

Gaul cures some of the wounds of the prisoner and they question him, but he resists their efforts to give helpful answers in spite of torture including having an eye gouged out with a dagger.

Meanwhile, Canis sees the expanse of the ruins of The Necropolis and realizes that it is larger than Haven. The walls and towers and gate are in various states from collapsed and torn down to partially intact. In the center of the city is a central raised circular area with the remains of the razed Tower of The Necromancer.

There is an entrance to the South. To the West and South of the gate is a camp, where Canis saw another banner, this time black with the symbol of The Necromancer, instead of red.

Further to the South near a mountain peak a couple miles away, Canis saw what appears to be the mountain top Temple of The Necromancer with the mechanism for the lift rebuilt, with activity on top.

Canis heads back to meet the others.

The ships finally catch site of the South East Obelisk and it is on a small rocky outcrop and is broken and covered with symbols of The Necromancer in blood. They use ten vials of holy water to wipe away the dried, sun-baked blood.

Campion casts bless, and the obelisk begins to re-form and reminds Gaul and Dinkgus of the time they fought the guardian statues in the Temple of Binding, that reformed after being destroyed.

Canis comes upon the site of the fight, seeing the familiar Fireball heated sands and the remains of a burnt body being eaten by scavengers. Canis soon sights the masts of the ships and a growing obelisk that is reformed by the time he reaches the party.

This is about 2:00 PM and there is a loud rumbling from the North and the ground shakes more than all the other rumblings have caused. An enormous column of smoke rises into the skies from Fire Mountain.

The party debates blessing another obelisk or heading to The Necropolis.

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