Session 57

Session 57

DATE: Sunday, December 13, 2020 Noon - 5:30 PM See Also: Player Session 57

2:00 PM 3rd Leaftturn. Light wind from NW. The party debates blessing another obelisk or heading to The Necropolis.

Chesty charms the capture magic user who attacked the party along with someone who failed to backstab Stohagan. They learn that his name is Hadmar and a bit more about his wand. They also learn the names of the other magic users with the Son of The Necromancer: Trod Druto, and his twin underlings Daragon & Karamar. Trod sometimes stays near a good find, or has claimed one of the towers along the broken walls of The Necropolis. There are 22 towers in various states of disrepair along the walls around The Necropolis.

Hadmar tells the party that the Son of The Necromancer is sometimes in the camp SW of the gates of The Necropolis, and sometimes on the mountaintop Temple of The Necromancer in prayer and supplication, and performing other rites of The Necromancer. Hadmar’s companion on the attack on the party in Session 56 was Argan.

Hadmar encourages Chesty to convince the others to bow down and submit to the will of The Necromancer.

The party decides to head to the obelisk NE of the Necropolis. They also send Canis off invisibly in bird form to scout the Necropolis and watch for a large force heading out. They suspect a large force will head out when they sense an obelisk re-forming.

After blessing the NE obelisk, they sail West to bless the NW obelisk. then they turn South with a strong wind at their backs and aim for the SW obelisk. Canis returns, but is visible. He saw lots of undead digging in the city with a watcher or two for each group. Canis flew by the mountaintop temple and became visible and archers fired at him. The new moon made the sails of their ships much harder to spot, and this encouraged them to press on.

Dinkgus and Campion take the fly to the SW obelisk and see about a dozen shadows, but they are eliminated when Campion turns them. Campion blessed the obelisk and saw the graffiti fall away and the obelisk reformed as they flew back to the ship.

Shortly before Canis and Campion reached the ship, a couple dozen zombies were spotted, but Gaul, Canis, and Radan turned them which destroyed them.

Dinkus flew Gaul to the mountain top Temple of The Necromancer about 60 feet up. Chesty cast fly and followed them invisibly. Four Ghouls saw or sensed Gaul or heard the wings of the giant fly and started climbing up towards Gaul. Gaul turned them, turning them to dust.

Chesty flew over them and held a rope while Gaul swung down to knock over a guard and show off his sword play.

Between Gaul’s skill with a sword, Chesty’s Wand of Fear, and Gaul’s ability to turn undead, they held their own until Dinkgus arrived with Campion and Stohagan. With the added turn dead ability of Campion in the armor from the Temple of Binding and one of the holy symbols from the Temple of Binding, Campion incinerated a large group of undead, re-animating dead, and even live guards who bore amulets of The Necromancer. They burst into a bright white, yet cool flame. This light was seen by the ships still coming South, waiting to turn East once Dinkgus made his last pickup.

Dinkgus is on his way to get Canis and Jorl, and has one more trip to get Radan.

Chesty used his Wand of Fear a few times to deal with the living. He cut the rope for the lift. Many of those he made afraid were climbing down the rope and fell to their deaths 500 feet below.

Gaul and Campion fought the last human guards, and Campion turned them once they had been slain, and they too burst into cool which flame. Some undead that tried to attack Campion burst into the white flame if they hit him, and he was undamaged.

The last of the undead were slain and two copper amulets of The Necromancer were retrieved. They gave them to Campion and they melted and ran like water between his fingers.

They noticed that in the area where Gaul and the others came through a portal from the Tomb of The Necromancer under the Temple of Binding was a large mosaic about the same size as the portal they had sealed up a few months previously.

Gaul feared that it had the same scrying ability that they believe the amulets have from something Hadmar told his new friend Chesty.

Campion used his magic mace to strike the mosaic and hit it dead center in the nasal cavity, and it cracked the mosaic and activated a mechanism to reveal a long unused secret chamber as suggested by the dust and cobwebs.

The expected arrival of the Son of The Necromancer and the rest of the party, plus checking out this long hidden chamber will be the focus of next session.

It is now 5:15 AM the 4th of Leafturn.

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