Session 58

Session 58

DATE: Sunday, December 20, 2020 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 58

It is now 5:15 AM the 4th of Leafturn.

The party members on the mountain top investigate the long-hidden chamber. A whisper is heard, “Find the Dagger.” However, Renelen does not hear it.

Gaul sets up a table and blanket to block the morning sun from lighting the chamber, or the place where the Symbol of The Necromancer was before the door slid aside. Gaul sees no signs of tracks or other marks in the dust on the floor or other marks in the dust and cobwebs elsewhere.

Inside is a pillar with some sort of scepter like thing hovering over it.

Gaul, Canis, and later Jorl, and Dinkgus all feel like they have been to this chamber before.

Gaul and Stohagan look for books, scrolls, or other signs of writing, and find none.

Gaul takes the scepter and for a moment feels like he is cut off from whatever/whoever this scepter belongs to and his own deity. Once Gaul declares the scepter-like device belongs to the “gaze above” does he feel a connection to his deity return. He was reminded of the feeling he had when he was in a trance after touching the sarcophagus of The Necromancer many weeks ago.

Upon exiting the room, Renelen says that scepter is evil and suggests Gaul not touch it.

Soon, Dinkgus arrives with Jorl and Canis, and heads back to the Sand Witch to get Renelen.

Chesty sprinkles Dust of Disappearance on himself and Stohagan casts invisibility. Both of them read their scrolls from Old Gorm for Detect Invisibility, since they expect the Son of The Necromancer to arrive soon.

Chesty sees the carpet coming and it goes low and seems to stop for a moment before it resumes. Four crossbowmen can be seen on it. Chesty flew out invisibly and cast fireball and burnt the magic carpet to a crisp and incinerated the crossbowmen and most of their gear as their corpses floated down to the ground like feathers.

Chesty and Stohagan kept watch and soon Stohagan managed to spot the Son of The Necromancer flying towards them with 3 others behind. All wore platemail. One of them fired a crossbow and missed. That person appeared and just as quickly disappeared again.

Gaul tried casting a Dispel Magic on them, but it appeared to have no effect.

Stohagan threw a lightning bolt and the person with the crossbow appeared again looking singed.

Soon he, along with the three others landed and attempted to overwhelm the party. The singed one read a scroll and the other two behind the Son of The Necromancer downed potions.

Soon the battle ensued with much magic, missile fire and charges exchanged.

Gaul was wounded and called for strength from the scepter and it appeared to heal him, but he then exuded horrid body odor.

Chesty slowed the evil party.

Stohagan and Canis were somehow controlled and bowed down, motionless.

The singed cleric saved the Son of The Necromancer from the slow and the insects Canis had called forth, and the Son of The Necromancer appeared to vanish. It was later learned he just went to the far side of the temple platform from which he cast more spells at the party.

Dinkgus got Radan and Radan turned the undead coming towards the ships and they all burst into white flames. A giant owl with a green tint approached, but Dinkgus dealt with it with Color Spray. Then Dinkgus flew close to the column of undead and forces of The Horde traveling towards the mountaintop temple. They took three passes and Radan turned many more undead. Some crossbowmen fired on them and Radan was wounded. Dinkgus fired back killing one and wounding one before heading to the temple.

Then Dinkgus appeared with Radan and Dinkgus charged the singed cleric, but some spell around that cleric forced the fly back into it’s figurine form.

Soon the singed cleric and another were dropped.

The party was helped in dealing with the other two clerics as one, along with Gaul and Jorl were Confused. The cleric’s confusion led him to wander up to the wall of temple, Gaul and Jorl were still able to attack their foes.

Soon only the Son of The Necromancer and the confused cleric were left.

Gaul cast silence 15 foot radius on the Son of The Necromancer. The party rushed him before he could either step out of the silence or flee. They hit him hard and he managed to fly up and over the edge of the temple in a dive.

Chesty gave chase.

Some demonic creature appeared behind Gaul, but could not hit him.

Gaul wounded him. The creature tried some fear effect, but it swayed none of the party.

The party killed the demonic creature, perhaps the familiar of the Son of The Necromancer.

Chesty dealt two solid blows against the Son of The Necromancer and he was dead. Before he could re-animate, Chesty grabbed his amulet, but unlike other amulets, this send a river of pain into Chesty and dealt him a mighty blow. Chesty was unswayed and returned to the temple platform with their foes body.

While some of the party dealt with the Son of The Necromancer and his supposed familiar, the rest dealt with the confused cleric. The other cleric Radan slew rose up as a ghoul and rushed Dinkgus and paralyzed him. Renelen turned it and it burst into the cool white flames. They tossed the amulet from the now slain confused cleric on it, and it too was destroyed. The amulet on the singed cleric was melted by Stohagan’s lightning bolt.

The tired party now prepares to loot their foes while some look to see how the ships have fared below.

Soon the singed cleric was dropped.

It is now 6:00 AM 4th of Leafturn.

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