Session 59

Session 59

DATE: Sunday, December 27, 2020 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 59

6:00 AM 4th Leaftturn.

Party looks over their recovered loot Session 58 Loot and also looks to the North to see the fate of the three sand ships (Soaring Eagle captain Kagnar, Sand Splitter captain Kolgar, and the party’s ship the Sand Witch under captain Birger).

They see the three ships turn to flee the onrushing members of The Horde. Missiles from both sides probably flew. Suddenly a Fireball engulfed one of the ships and it burst into flame, started breaking up and stopped. Other two ships were maintaining a narrow lead tacking into the wind from the NE. Suddenly, around 6 AM the wind shifted from the SE and was very strong. The rising sun was dimmed and to the East a rising cloud of a sandstorm rushed in.

The party rushed to shelter in the barracks on the North of the Temple of The Necromancer. They saw the two surviving ships pull ahead with the strong winds behind them. For the moment they may be safe from the Horde. Closing the door behind them, they set the usual watch and the wind howls and sand beats against the door for six hours.

Now at about Noon, Jorl forces the door open against the sand piled against it, and sees a spellcaster suddenly appear on top of a pillar. The caster had attempted to charm him, not knowing Jorl to be an elf. Chesty and Stohagan blast him with magic missile. Jorl prepared fireball but it was too late to avoid hitting their foe whose shattered body fell off the pillar. Their foe and anything he may have carried was incinerated. The fireball ignited the oil Chesty had poured on the elevator wench in Session 58. The wench was engulfed in flames, thick black smoke roiled.

Stohagan sent his owl to seek the ships. He spotted two of the ships crewed by Sand Vikings and a “burnt tree” poking from the sands.

Since they had rested, they used Fly to get off the temple. Chesty cast fly on himself and Renelen. Stohagan also cast fly. In one trip the three of them took down three others. It was quite the rush as they dropped faster than expected. Stohagan remained to make another trip for the others.

Chesty and Renelen flew to the ship, then returned for Canis to help them dig, since the sandstorm buried it.

The rest of the party looted the bodies below and found 9 returning axes.

When Chesty got back he searched for where he guessed those on the flying carpet came down. He found one returning axe. Nothing else of worth was found.

Canis turned into a badger and Stohagan and Renelen flew him back to the ship where Stohagan enlarged Canis to be a larger than giant badger sized. With Canis digging and Renelen using his shield, and Stohagan his shovel they made good time moving the sand. They soon learned the truth that this was the Sand Witch. All crew, hirelings, prisoner, and Chesty’s dog were dead. There was no trace of Grak's Finger. Much loot was melted or destroyed, even magical loot and other valuables not yet divided.

A larger group of the Horde went to the mountain, perhaps attracted by the fire and smoke from the burning of the wench for the elevator caused by a fireball from Jorl, and previously poured oil from Chesty.

Two patrols, one riding Quaals and the other Horde Beasts didn’t seem to spot them until the ships approached. The patrols them cam at them.

After meeting up with the Soaring Eagle and Sand Splitter and loading the heavy loot onto the Sand Splitter and the more portable loot into the portable hole, the ships plan to turn and tack into the current wind to preserve a way home.

Chesty has fireballed a charging group of the Horde on Horde Beasts, and other spells have been declared.

A group of the Horde on quaals is not far behind. We are ready for intentions of other party members before rolling initiative.

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