Session 60

Session 60

DATE: Sunday, January 3, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 60

2:00 PM 4th Leaftturn.

After meeting up with the Soaring Eagle and Sand Splitter and loading the heavy loot onto the Sand Splitter and the more portable loot into the portable hole, the ships plan to turn and tack into the current wind to preserve a way home.

Chesty has fireballed a charging group of the Horde on Horde Beasts, and other spells have been declared.

A group of the Horde on quaals is not far behind.

A larger group of the Horde went to the mountain, perhaps attracted by the fire and smoke from the burning of the wench for the elevator caused by a fireball from Jorl, and previously poured oil from Chesty.

The party slowed those surviving the fireball and webbed the one warrior not slowed.

They easily defeated the rest. Then the other slightly larger patrol on quaals charged in and an enemy spellcaster dropped a stinking cloud on the center of the party and Chesty, Stohagan, and Renelen were taken out of the fight for a few rounds. Jorl and Radan were able to pull them out. Canis tried to grab Chesty, but took a big lungful of the stinking cloud and was rendered out of action a bit longer than Chesty and Stohagan.

Gaul targeted the spellcaster with Silence 15’ radius, but the caster saved and since it was simultaneous, the caster hit Gaul with magic missile.

Gaul used stick to snakes and most of them were poisonous and dropped several foes.

Radan turned a large number of the patrol, their Necomancer Amulets causing them to burst into cool, white flames, which scattered the quaals they had been riding.

The stinking cloud and the web that Stohagan cast, which stopped several more, also blocked the view of the rest of the patrol from both Radan and Renelen.

The caster ran, perhaps seeking room and time to do something else. Chesty dropped him with magic missile, then ran to remove his head.

Ssthak and Kassthassa fought well and helped drop a few opponents.

Both Gaul and Radan did well receiving charges and slaying the riders of several quaals.

Chesty saw the larger force of The Horde turn around and rush towards the fireball and other sights and sounds of battle.

Chesty laid out the portable hole and impatiently waited while the rest of the party finished their foes, destroyed them, and their amulets. Two clerics were among the patrol riding horde beasts and one appeared to only have an amulet. The other had an amulet and nice boots, Dinkgus quickly grabbed those and headed to the others.

All of the party squeezed into the portable hole. Before climbing in, Ssthak said something unintelligible to Kassthassa who turned and ran East into the desert.

Chesty folded up the portable hole, put it away and teleported back to his room at the Fallen Paladin in Farthorpe.

It is 2:20 PM the 4th of Leafturn.

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