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Session 61

Session 61

DATE: Sunday, January 10, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 61

2:20 PM 4th Leaf-turn

A narrow escape from the onrushing Horde Beasts by the party scrambling into the portable hole and Chesty teleporting back to The Fallen Paladin in Farthorpe. The strong odor Gaul recently acquired fills all the space of the portable hole. There is no relief. It feels like an eternity….

We begin with Chesty having just arrived in his room at The Paladin. The rest of the party have no idea where they are.

Chesty finds that he is indeed in his room at The Fallen Paladin but it has been rearranged and he is standing on the bed. He then lays out the portable hole and everyone is glad to be out, but find no relief from Gaul’s newly acquired stench.

Gaul climbs out the window and goes to the roof when the party asks about the scepter with the skull from the secret room at the Temple of The Necromancer. Soon the rest of the party finds relief from the odor.

Dinkgus follows Gaul and asks him to give up the scepter, but Gaul ignores Dinkgus’ pleas. Stohagan casts invisibility and sues dimension door to get to the roof.

Gaul feels attempts to charm him by an unseen force, then an unseen voice tries suggestion.

Dinkgus and Stohagan hear the voice, along with Gaul. Dinkgus uses Detect Illusion which lets him see invisible and hidden things and he sees what the others will soon see.

Chesty goes downstairs and Conleth is in all but rags and is filthy and begs Chesty to help him get the inn back that was lost to an understanding. Chesty ignores him and runs to Hanagan the Red’s tower.

The rest of the party go down for a drink, Ssthak joins them. Radan and Renelen look at each other confused. Ssthak is viewed with suspicion and surprise. He calls this an unusual and unnatural place.

Jorl asks Conleth what happened, but someone new calls out from the door to the office behind the bar telling Conleth to get back to work.

Gaul tosses some dust of appearance over the voice of the creature that tried to grab him and the outline of what Dinkgus clearly sees is revealed. A tall, nude human female figure with horns, and leathery wings.

Stohagan attempts to get the scepter from Gaul and fail. Gaul and Dinkgus both try to talk to the strange figure. Dinkgus says, “You owe me, I set you free from the Temple of Binding. The creature laughs, exclaiming, “That wasn’t me, you fool!” Gaul cast Protection from Evil and enhanced his protection from this creature.

Since the creature was failing to get Gaul to submit, it seemed to summon a larger, more fierce looking creature. It was 10-1/2 feet tall with what looked like the head and body of an ape and the beak of an eagle, with cloven hooves and wings. Gaul landed a mighty blow on the creature. Before either creature could strike back, they could hear Renelen rebuke the evil he had sensed and he sent them away. They just disappeared. It is unknown if they were destroyed or not.

Radan had gone downstairs to get a drink, but he too felt the presence of these creatures and ran into the street sounding like a mad man ranting about the creatures that were no longer there.

Meanwhile, Chesty had reached Hanagan’s door and pounded loudly and Dar Dar Az Ona answered. Chesty explained the item of great evil they had brought back with them. She called for Hanagan and they could clearly see the outline of the female winged figure once Gaul used the Dust of Appearance. They also saw the other huge creature appear. Before either Chesty or Hanagan could act, they saw both creatures disappear.

The rest of the party saw Radan run into the street shouting, and heard Renelen’s loud rebuke, but did not see what the other’s saw.

Gaul climbed down to the street and Radan approached him, beseeching him to take the scepter to the Temple of Binding so Zho Ni could help deal with it. Radan said, “If I can truly retrieve The ORB, we can seal up this scepter so it can’t cause evil and mischief in the world.”

Dinkgus turned invisible and followed Gaul. While Radan and Gaul were talking, he attempted to pick pocket the scepter from Gaul and was able to successfully grasp it, but ran away in fear. Radan and Gaul caught up with Dinkgus and Radan held him while Gaul attempted to remove his fear, but failed. Radan released Dinkgus to let him run until the fear subsided.

While Radan and Gaul were dealing with Dinkgus, Chesty and Hanagan watched. Chesty saw Hanagan attempt a spell, but it had no effect. Hanagan muttered, “Unless he comes willingly, there’s not much else I can do, other than kill him.” (Gaul sensed an attempted charm, like he felt from the roof of the Fallen Paladin but he did not know who cast it.)

Gaul set his face to the West and began walking. Radan guess wrongly that his pleas for Gaul to go with the party to the Temple of Binding were successful.

When Gaul and Radan reach the bulk of the party standing in the street in front of the Fallen Paladin, Gaul indicates he is party ways with the party and invites Canis to speak with him as they walk towards the gate. Canis comes back and says Gaul will accept Canis and Renelen as travelling companions. Renelen agrees to go with Gaul and Canis. As Renelen and Canis walk back to Gaul, Chesty arrived and the party goes back into the tavern.

Chesty is immediately approached by Conleth with much more subdued pleas. Conleth claims it was all due to a misunderstanding. Conleth was arrested for cattle rustling and non-payment of taxes. He claimed to have it all under control and just needed time to speak to the Baron and clear things up. But before he could do so, Horace Longfellow swooped in and paid recompense to the farmers whose cattle were taken. He also paid fines and back taxes for title to the Fallen Paladin.

As Conleth gives the short version of his sob story, the door behind the bar opens and a voice tells Conleth to leave the customers alone and get back to work. Chesty gives Conleth a gold coin to get himself a drink. Chesty confronts Horace asking about his money as 40% owner in the Fallen Paladin. Horace points out that he does not know Chesty and that perhaps Chesty was swindled by Conleth.

Chesty slaps Horace, and Horace rushes to the street calling for a guard. Chesty goes to the Baron’s passing a guard going to the aid of Horace. Chesty tells the other guard he wants to see the Baron about an injustice. The guard immediately calls for the Sergeant of the gate.

Gaul, Canis, and Renelen turn North as soon as they pass the west gate of Farthorpe. Both Renelen and Gaul notice that Gaul’s footsteps are leaving dead grass behind him. Canis missed this. Canis finds this to be unacceptable and casts Dispel Magic on Gaul, but it appears to have no effect. Gaul did not notice this. Canis then cast Entangle on Gaul, but the plants that rose up writhing to grasp Gaul, shriveled upon touching him. This Gaul noticed and took exception to.

Gaul then turned to face Canis. Canis shape-changed into a horse and attempted to scoop up Renelen, but Renelen didn’t want to get in the middle of it. Gaul then drew forth the scepter and told the want to “Stop him!” meaning Canis. Something happened and Canis felt cold deathly fingers touch his soul. Canis ran full speed back to Farthorpe.

Gaul and Renelen continued their walk

c. 3:30 PM 4th Leafturn.

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