Session 63

Session 63

DATE: January 24, 2021 See Also: Player Session 63

Midnight 6th Leafturn for bulk of party til 1:30 PM 6th Leafturn and Noon 5th Leafturn til 9:00 AM 6th Leafturn for Gaul, Renelen, and Radan

Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

The party divided up magic items, then went to sleep and awoke the next morning at 9:00 AM

Gaul, Renelen, and Radan walked from Noon until midnight then slept, with Renelen and Radan taking watch. On Renelen’s watch, 4 giant, poisonous snakes attacked. Two went for Renelen but missed him. Each of the others went for Gaul and Radan. Gaul resisted the painful poison, but Radan was overcome.

Gaul managed to charm the snake trying to eat Radan, and Renelen used a scroll of Neutralize Poison to save Radan from death.

Radan cast protection from evil 10 foot radius, which minimized the times the snakes could attack.

Gaul then cast prayer and Radan was able to join the fray. They slew all but the charmed snake.

Gaul used Speak with Animals and the remaining snake agreed to obey and follow Gaul, in exchange for eating the bodies of the 3 dead snakes. Gaul removed the heads of the other 3, and the snake ate one. Gaul pushed the other two away from camp and on Radan’s watch, two jackals ate their fill on the bodies of the two remaining snakes.

Gaul, Renelen, and Radan camped til 9:00 AM the 6th of Leafturn and prepared to rejoin their journey West to the Temple of Binding.

Back in Farthorpe, the rest of the party went to Hanagan’s and traded for potions, scrolls, and new spells.

Canis, Dinkgus, and Chesty each bought a hovel and formally registered it with the Baron’s representative. 500 GP each, plus 10% (50gp) taxes per year. Canis specifically bought the “party’s” hovel where he planted his herb garden.

Jorl renewed his supply of arrows and other assorted items.

Chesty teleported to the alley where the party finally dealt with Quinn Fagan and he took Dinkgus with him.

They walked to the inn and along the way, Dinkgus let it be known via the signs of Thieves’ Cant to members of The Organization, that he was interested in magic items and to let “Fingers” know. As they were making arrangements for a room for the night at the Wizards Dog, Kerry Kavanaugh, a cell leader of a low level thief the party had dealings with signaled she wanted a private place to talk.

Kerry Kavanaugh followed them up to their room after they had gone up, and asked exactly what they wanted. She would relay the message up the chain to “Fingers”. Dinkgus mentioned wanting to see a table covered with items for sale. Chesty and Dinkgus plan to leave tomorrow.

Chesty and Dinkgus stop off at a shop to buy they special blend of tea that Keegan Burney the magic user they have purchased a few spells and a lot of healing elixirs.

They meet with Keegan Burney and Chesty trades for most of his scrolls and a couple of 4th level spells that Chesty wanted.

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