Session 64

Session 64

DATE: January 31, 2020 See Also: Player Session 64

1:30 PM 6th Leafturn for bulk of party and 9:00 AM 6th Leafturn for Gaul, Renelen, and Radan

Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

Gaul, Radan, and Renelen walk all day and keep walking to reach the Temple of Binding as soon as possible. About two miles from the temple, they see two figures on horseback illuminated by magical light.

They approach and find Zho Ni and Otiben waiting for them. Zho Ni has had a vision and knows what Gaul is carrying. Zho Ni makes it clear that Gaul can go no further or the Temple of Binding’s wards will be compromised. The Necromancer (and perhaps other things) will be let loose. Zho Ni has prepared a circle of protection that if Gaul enters voluntarily will provide him with protection.

Gaul agrees and Zho Ni activates the circle which glows a brilliant white on the natural stone pavement. Zho Ni, Otiben, Radan, and Renelen stand watch. In the morning as Zho Ni, Radan, and Renelen are about to set off, Owix the Lammasu showed up, sent by The Justice Maker. Owix takes to the skies to watch for trouble and Otiben watches from the ground.

Zho Ni, Radan, and Renelen get to the Temple of Binding and clean up and perform the rights needed. Zho Ni then escorts Radan to the sealed doors, only The One Who Is Chosen can open. At Radan’s approach the seal is released and the doors swing wide. Radan enters the chamber and retrieves the Orb of Binding.

Within a couple of hours Zho Ni, Radan, Renelen, Zho Ni’s hirelings and Zho Ni’s horse show up. Radan speaks the Words of Binding and the scepter resists but is drawn into The ORB with and eerie, distant, mournful cry.

In Pollish, Chesty asks Keegan Burney about wizards and learns of wizards Keegan knows of:

Dinkgus went to a specialty plant shop in Pollish, but don’t currently have anything like a venus fly trap. Small fern in a terrarium. Rare Rainbow Fern. 500 gp includes terrarium if opened or cracked it will die. 6” cube. Dinkgus later gives it to Canis when he and Chesty return to Farthorpe.

Dinkgus found a rare & unusual mount shop. They do not deal in magical or monstrous mounts. He bought a new riding boar.

Dinkgus & Chesty go to see the Illusionist, Nivin Kane. A ugly old woman in a rocking chair greeted them and went through a door with a ratty old blanket for a curtain and a tall, thin man in mid 40’s appears. Dark black hair with greying at the temples, and a dark black mustache & goatee. Dinkgus purchases a few new spells. Nivin declines to sell any that may be used against him.

On their way back to the tavern, Verona Labigio signals - “I bring word from “Fingers”. They go to a secluded alley to talk. Dinkgus seeks a magic item that will make him physically stronger.

“Fingers” will want one of these things in exchange for information of what they located.

Dinkgus declined all the offers as it is unlikely he will succeed in anything other than making powerful enemies/getting killed, or spending a fortune.

Dinkgus & Chesty return to Nivin Kane AFTER meeting with Verona Labigio and delivering “Fingers” options for the information. A ugly old woman in a rocking chair greeted them and went through a door with a ratty old blanket for a curtain and a pre-teen girl comes out with dark hair.

Nivin Kane knows about contract from Fingers & agrees to sell 4th level shadow monsters for 1,000 gp. If Dinkgus proves trustworthy, he may sell other more dangerous spells.

Chesty hires minstrels to spread the word of St. Mark & the Gronkle Egg. Shrine & poster in Farthorpe. 200 gp

AT 6:00 PM on the 7th of Leafturn, Chesty teleports back to Farthorpe with Dinkgus’ riding pig in the portable hole.

Stohagan paid 225 gp to the dwarven smith in Farthorpe to make a suit of chainmail from the strange hunk of metal from the comet/meteor. It will be finished 23 days from the 7th of Leafturn.

Gaul commits to a new deity - The Justice Maker and focuses on the way of Truth. Gaul rides back to the Temple of Binding with Zho Ni, Otiben, Radan, Renelen, his men and Owix.

Gaul bathes and is ordained into the new religion. He now wears a tabard with the golden scales of Truth over his armor and a gold Holy Symbol of Truth.

A procession led by Radan takes the Orb of Binding into the sealed room and the door is open and only Radan enters.

Radan exits with The ORB and the doors close and the seal is restored.

Gaul gives Zho Ni a Collar with gems 5,000 gp and a 2,000 gp necklace with gems, for the upkeep of the temple.

Gaul prays for spells and at 1:00pm the Temple force heads to the Cairn of the Fallen Paladin/Reyden Brightflame, sister of Radan Brightflame, and the unspeakable horror.

Canis harvests herbs enough for 12 healing elixirs that will be ready in a week. 7th Leafturn + 7 days so on 14th Leafturn.

Dinkgus gives the terrarium with the Rainbow fern to Canis to use for entangle where there are no plants available.

The Temple of Binding group should arrive at the cairn about midnight the 8th Leaf Turn.

Gaul gives Otiben poison for his sword, a cure poison potion, and a growth potion.

The pre-festival Mark/Turnip Festival partying starts.

When the group from the Temple of Binding is about a mile from the cairn three demons attack. One like a naked woman with bat-like wings swoops in and kisses Gaul causing him to lose wisdom and constitution. A smaller demon tries to backstab Otiben and misses.

Owix swoops down and Holy word sends the big demon away.

Radan speaks the Words of Binding and ensnares the succubus in the Orb of Binding.

Zho Ni and Renelen both charge the little demon and drop it and Radan pulled it into the Orb of Binding.

The group from the Temple of Binding reach the encampment of the Followers of the Way around the cairn and apprise them of the situation and send the pilgrims to Farthorpe to warn the townsfolk to seek shelter.

c.1:30 AM Pilgrims come to town are party poopers.

Chesty takes everyone from Farthorpe to the cairn with alcohol. Pitchforks, torches, rabble, and Chesty’s wagon to bring more beer.

Stohagan pierces a turnip with a rope and wears it around his neck.

Radan speaks words of binding and Reyden and the demon pop into view.

The demon gates in another demon, but Zho Ni turns it and it goes back where it came from. Owix swoops in on the demon, Reyden charges shouting to Radan to speak the Words of Binding, and Gaul charges the demon. Great damage is done to the demon, and Radan speaks the Words of Binding.

Zho Ni takes Gaul, et. al. and mounts to the Temple in a flash. The ORB is carried to its repository by Reyden and Radan. Shortly after exiting the room and the seals restore themselves over the door, the three demons are now in circles of protection.

Zho Ni mention of Phylactery of The Necromancer is still a danger and could potentially free The Necromancer. Zho Ni thinks it might be in The Necropolis. Gaul plans to go West to find it.

Zho Ni and Renelen will remain in the temple, committed to a life of service

Gaul can see through the illusion that hides the stairs down to the entrance to the Temple of Binding. However, when Zho Ni closes the doors, the illusion is gone and no one can descend the stairs.

Gaul, Otiben, Radan, and Reyden go to Farthorpe to tell people what happened and spend a week in town.

Gaul tells his four hirelings that will go West with him to meet back at Cairn in a week’s time.

Ssthak plans to head West to home and will join Gaul and Otiben

Gaul tells the rest of the party about one last threat to the world (Phylactery of The Necromancer).

Gaul commits to telling story of Zho Ni and Renelen and the Temple of Binding.

Dinkgus gives Gaul the thieve’s map of Haven.

The Halfling Ranger Vandervecker joins the party in the aftermath of the Mark/Turnip Festival as they nurse their hangovers and make preparations to head south.

Pelgrad (Chesty): Now we combine the Fallen Paladin and St Mark into one person centered around Gronkle Eggs

The plan is to go Southeast across the hills to the Central Sea, then follow the Western coast and make as straight as possible a journey to the gnome lands

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