Session 65

Session 65

DATE: February 7, 2020 See Also: Player Session 65

12:30 AM 8th Leafturn - 12:00 PM 17th Leafturn Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

What a session! Party traveling overland to work their way south. Had a random encounter with 24 giant rats. Chesty uses ring of mammal control & had the rats guide to lair & bring out their treasure.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party back at the wagon ….

The others have an encounter with Kalvix, the green dragon in the hills south of town. Kalvix just wanted the tribute he was due and Jorl cast lightning bolt & just made him mad.

Kalvix’s breath killed all but 2 horses, knocked down Jorl, & nearly killed Stohagan, and severly injured Canis.

The dragon landed & demanded tribute. Chesty & Dinkgus turn around to the sound of a thunderclap & roar of the dragon.

Chesty casts fly and Dinkgus rides his riding pig close enough to try & sneak up on the dragon.

Kalvix spots Chesty & launches into flight at him. Chesty managed to cast slow on the dragon prior to it reaching range to strike or breathe on him.

Dinkgus used his ebony fly (figurine of wondrous power) to fly after the dragon. He has a sack with the head of a medusa in it. He managed to aim it in the right direction & Kalvix looked at it and failed its save by 2!

Kalvix then fell to the ground & shattered.

Chesty and Jorl with his ring of flying chased after the kobold minions of the dragon who fled when they saw their lord/master/god defeated.

A pack of wolves showed up to prey on a group of kobold’s fleeing Kalvix’s defeat.

Chesty & Jorl captured a kobold who directed them to Kalvix’s lair.

The kobold witnessed the dragon’s death & convinced the other kobolds of this, and they got in to get the hoarde.

They made a deal to take the hoard & leave the kobolds alone, & gave them 6,000 CP that Chesty then cast Fool’s Gold on.

The kobolds helped put all the loot into the party’s portable hole.

Canis, Stohagan, and Dinkgus managed to load Kalvix’s tribute chest, a sturdy iron bound chest with a lock, onto Chesty’s wagon with the help of 20 kobolds trapped by an entangle from Canis before Kalvix’s fall.

They got the dead horses out of the harness of the wagon. Canis took the form of a horse and helped pull the wagon back to Farthorpe. They arrived about 8:00 PM

Chesty and Jorl flew to where they left the party and the wagon arriving at midnight. Finding the others and the wagon gone, Chesty teleported to his room with two wolves. Jorl decided to fly to Farthorpe and arrived at 6:00 AM

Back in town, Canis, Dinkgus, & Stohagan counted the loot from Kalvix’s Tribute Chest.

When Chesty finally finds them in one of their hovels, they start counting the loot from Kalvix’s hoard, Jorl arrives in time to help them finish counting the loot and they finish about Noon on the 9th.

They start identifying the items they found. The Chainmail is +2, the bracers appear to be AC 4.

Stohagan plays the kettle drums as part of identifying them & now the party & possibly others are deaf. Is it permanent? We have to wait for next session…..

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