Session 66

Session 66

DATE: February 14, 2021 See Also: Player Session 66

12:00 PM 17th Leafturn - 3:00 PM 26th Leafturn Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

17th Leafturn: The party learns that 77 Farthorpe residents, in addition to Canis, Chesty, Dinkgus, & Jorl, are deaf.

Town guards herd the crowd to the shrine and village priest, Decklan Cathmore, cannot help. He orders a guard to have a rider sent to the Cairn of the no so Fallen Paladin and there is no one there who can assist. Darragh Blathmac, the priestly advisor of Baron Jeffrey of Farthorpe shows up and gets the names and residence of all the victims. (Canis, Stohagan, and Canis all give their names and where they can be found.)

The next day, 18th of Leafturn, the guards gather up all the victims who identified themselves and they are lead to the shrine and a large slate is set up with information written in chalk. The Baron has sent riders to the East to the great temple at Northspire seeking aid. The Baron assumes it will be more practical to transport the people to Northspire than to get a high priest to make the journey. Donations are being accepted to offset the costs of feeding, transporting, and magic required to heal them.

The current caravan in Farthorpe has been engaged to transport the people to Northspire and back. They are to leave in 3 days. The party leaves the next morning, with a two day lead on the caravan of victims.

The Party’s Journey to Northspire:

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