Session 67

Session 67

DATE: February 21, 2021 See Also: Player Session 67

3:00 PM 26th Leafturn Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

The party passes the incoming wagon train of victims of the Drums of Deafening who were sent to Northspire for healing.

The rest of the day passes uneventfully.

The next day, the 27th of Leafturn, the party heads to the caravansary between Northspire and Carlar. On the way, they are stopped by a tax collector. Chesty questions their authority and the tax collector pulls out his letter of authority with a seal of the kingdom, chancellor of the exchequer, minister of tax collectors, etc. etc.

Chesty then charms the tax collector and two guards who are inspecting his unusual wagon. All fail their saves and the tax is one gold piece. It is not clear if the tax would have been 1 gold piece without the charm.

The party arrives at the caravansary and sees most of the group of Followers of the Way who are headed to an ancient monument to an ancient coronation. This monument is described as a dais or platfrom. Jorl keeps asking if there is a dungeon or treasurer nearby.

On the 28th, the party heads to Carlar with a trip past fields, farmhouses, and small collections of houses with nothing out of the ordinary. They reach Carlar and again stay at the Great Stag Inn. It is hear that they first hear talk of goblin trouble back in Farthorpe and Farthorpe Valley.

On the 1st of Fallowfield they reach the banks of the Highfalls River and pay to use the Highfalls Ferry to cross over into Pollish. They stay at the Wizards Dog and hear more about goblins. The next day on the 2nd Jorl hires mercenaries to stand watch at night. Chesty and Stohagan visit Keegan Burney asking about wizards to enchant the armor Stohagan is having made back in Farthorpe. Keegan tells them perhaps Ormun in Northspire, Bertram in Southspire, and perhaps Hanagan in Farthorpe.

On the 3rd of Fallowfield they head to Kings Tower and find that caravans are backed up due to the desire for more guards with all the goblin trouble. The party stays at the Stumbling Eagle Tavern.

On the 4th when they leave Kings Tower they notice a long line of wagons following them, fourteen in all. Before they get to the new caravansary between Kings Tower and Farthorpe they are met by a wagon train moving quickly and hear more talk of the goblins and that Hanagan tried to stop the goblins and something injured him. While stopped to talk to the wagon train heading to Kings Tower, Dinkgus collects a ten gold piece gem from each of the 14 wagons as a fee for traveling with the party.

When the party reaches the new caravansary, they spend an uneventful night.

On the 5th they travel to Farthorpe and other than sighting a soaring hawk, see nothing remarkable. They reach Farthorpe and are rushed in the gates that are closed prior to dark. the party stops by Hanagan’s and speaks to Dar Dar Az Ona through the peephole of the tower door. They learn that Hanagan had killed or driven off the goblins who were assaulting the North wall of Farthorpe when some sort of cold based spell hit him from behind. Thankfully, the clerics in town patched him up and he is OK. Dar Dar As Ona suggests that this was some sort of wizard stirring up the goblins and if the party can capture this spellcaster for questioning that would be good, but killing is also acceptable. They also learn that the Baron has sent out patrols much like when the undead were still roaming Farthorpe Valley. The guards mumble that the patrols are not as good since Flynn Cronmor died fighting some ferocious beast that was terrorizing the valley when the party was off in The Broken Lands. Dar Dar Az Ona mentions that the goblins appeared to be of the Bone Smashers tribe, the one the party knows is lead by Grog who they suspect is something other than a goblin.

On the 6th of Fallowfield, the party leaves their wagon with the human mercenaries and travel by horseback to the site where the goblins tried to breach the wall. There are signs of scorch marks from spells and lots of dead goblins and wolves.

Canis assumes the form of an eagle and flies ahead of the party about a mile. the party sees that the tracks come from the North and after a few miles smaller bands of goblins and wolves peeled off to wards the smaller villages that had just now started to resume normal life, and various farmsteads.

Canis sees that Uperdale to the Northwest has had buildings burned, and sees dead bodies of humans and animals and signs of looting.

The rest of the party see that a much larger force split off from the smaller force of goblins that attacked Farthorpe. the party elects to follow this path. They see that the village of Tyrar was also ransacked. The path leads into the hills. The party returns to Farthorpe to overnight and report what they found and plan to head South into the hills tomorrow.

On the 7th the party heads to the point where they fought the first few Ettins and meet three harpies that they soon dispatch. There is talk of seeking their lair.

The party plans to overnight in or by the former Ettin cave. Vandervecker is scouting ahead and spots another harpy perched on a thin wall of rock blocking most of a cave mouth. Vandervecker relays this information to the others who move up and obliterate the harpy with a ballista bolt, spear launched by atlatl, and two magic missile spells from Chesty and Stohagan. This was quickly followed by a fireball from Jorl that nearly killed the harpies within, but their song still entranced Jorl and most of his mercenaries, and Vandervecker. Canis entangled this group and got all but Jorl.

Chesty cast fly and flew in and spotted the two severely burned harpies and one magic missile spell took them out. He then found a large lump of silver, melted together by Jorl’s fireball. They pushed that into the portable hole.

The party overnighted here, and other than spotting a giant bumblebee that flew past, nothing out of the ordinary.

It is now the morning of the 8th of Fallowfield and the party prepares to see the goblins on their way to investigate the treasure map from Kalvix.

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