Session 68

Session 68

DATE: February 28, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 68

8:00 AM 8th Fallowfield Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

8:00 AM 8th of Fallowfield Strong Wind from the East

A lone travelling cleric of Pyrognix, Olmnear, rode up as the party was preparing to break camp and deal with the goblins. He had bad directions and was lost. He joined the party.

Canis assumed the form of a bird and scouted the path the goblins took and found that the ancient castle/fortress that the kobolds used was now controlled by goblins and hobgoblins forcing the kobolds to repair their broken gates.

The rest of the party made for Kalvix’s former lair, assuming that’s where they’d find the goblins and Grog.

The party surprised the rear guard of the goblins and attacked. Jorl enlarged himself, Olmnear set off his matchlock which caused a great boom and some smoke and not much else. Dinkgus fired the crossbow and missed. Chesty stopped the wagon and got out the brazier. Stohagan and Vandervecker and the hirelings kept an eye on the horses and watched the party’s flanks.

Jorl flew amongst the goblins and dropped 6 of them.

Chesty cast Tenser’s Floating disk and set the brazier on it and lit it, sending the fire elemental to help Jorl.

The goblins could do little against Jorl.

Another loud boom from Olmnear, who then ran up to help the fire elemental and dashed in a goblin’s skull by swinging his firestick like a club.

the goblin leader lived long enough to blow his horn and other horns up the mountain sounded.

After the goblins were dead, Dinkgus activated his ebony fly and Jorl hung on as the flew up the mountain looking for a large mass of goblins.

The kobolds had lots of rockfall and log fall traps and many snares that slowed the advancing goblins. A group of kobolds were launching missiles out of the cave while goblins launched missiles into the cave. Jorl shot a fireball at a group of goblins who turned back down the trail the goblins made up the mountain. Dinkgus used color spray on a handful of survivors. The fire elemental started dealing with the remaining survivors of the fireball.

What looked like a giant goblin appeared and shot a cone of cold at the fire elemental, but it did not stop it. It went invisible and Chesty cast hold monster which managed to slow it. Chesty used his last scroll of Detect Invisibility and did not see Grog until he flew up and knocked over the brazier, cancelling the Fire Elemental.

Grog cursed at Chesty and vowed vengeance, then became invisible and flew off after Chesty blasted him with magic missile.

Not knowing that Chesty could see him, he still zigzagged away, but Chesty got him with two more magic missile spells. Chesty then ran up and looted the body that now looked more like an ogre. Chesty took the head and made a gift of it to the Kobold chief.

Meanwhile, Jorl cast web on most of the group of goblins in front of the cave. Dinkgus cast Phantasmal Force to look like Kalvix, and the goblins believed it. This resulted in the goblins’ morale breaking and they fled. The kobolds didn’t see it as they didn’t believe it.

The party made an agreement with the kobolds to put up boundary markers and mark a safe passage area/route for travelers and traders.

The kobolds agreed to this and asked that the party take care of the goblins in the old fortress/castle to prevent the goblins to the south getting any ideas.

The kobolds let the party stay near one of their watch posts lower on the mountain over night. Soon after they had moved the wagons, Lennon Sheridan, the druid arrived, escorted by a group of kobolds. She approved of the party dealing with Grog to restore the balance. She was unsure what would happen with the shifting balance of power in the hills North of Farthorpe Valley, but figured the orcs, hobgoblins, and others would take their vengeance on the goblins Grog ruled. This shifting of power alone might take several months if not a year or longer to work itself out.

While waiting overnight, Chesty opened the scroll cases he got off Grog. One is a map that the party is not sure is near the kobold fortress/castle or Grog’s home base. They plan to look for it after they deal with the goblins and hobgoblins at the fortress/castle.

The next day, the 9th of Fallowfield, they went seeking the treasure indicated in the treasure map from Kalvix’s hoard.

Canis again became a bird and flew overhead until he located the area of a flat place with hills to the West, NorthWest, and South, Scrub to the North East, and trees to the SouthEast. This flat area was churned up and the glint of gold coins was evident.

Canis went back to the party and resumed human form, riding his horse. Suddenly Anhkhegs punched through the firm soil and Canis’ horse was killed and he was tangled in the stirrups. Jorl’s and Stohagan’s horses suffered a similar fate, but they both managed to get clear before their horses were pulled under. One of the lead horses on the wagon was killed, but could not be pulled all the way under since it was in the harness.

After a few magic missiles, a hit with the crossbow from Dinkgus, a hit from the matchlock from Olmnear, and magic missiles from Jorl, Stohagan, and Chesty.

Chesty slowed the attacking creatures and Canis. A Bullette tried to get on of the Anhkhegs but missed. Jorl shot it with an arrow. Chesty then got the Bullete with charm monster. It went underground and swallowed the Anhkheg that had Canis’ horse after Canis finally got free, and it swallowed Anhkhegs and horse in one bite.

Finally all the Anhkhegs on the surface were dispatched. Canis had taken bear form to escape being dragged down with his horse and kept that form to help dig down to Jorl’s horse so Jorl could save his saddle bags.

Canis repeated the feat for Stohagan’s saddle bags. Canis dug until he found a tunnel under the Anhkheg that got Stohagan’s horse. Dinkgus agreed to enter the tunnel and followed it to the burrow, accompanied by Canis in the form of a honey badger. They found the burrow and a scattered 3,000 GP. Chesty went down with the portable hold to collect it.

After gathering up that unexpected loot, they set their eyes on the scattered gold in the churned up area where the bullette and Anhkhegs appear to have come into contact. Signs of the locks of two different large chests were seen, plus lots of gold coins scattered on the surface. This treasure is supposed to be buried according to the map.

It is now 3:30 PM on the 9th of Fallowfield.

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