Session 69

Session 69

DATE: March 7, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 69

3:30 PM 9th Fallowfield Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

After overnighting to continue investigating the site of this treasure indicated on the map from Kalvix, the party finds several thousand loose gold pieces in the chuned up area near the remnants of a few large iron bound chests.

They dig until nightfall.

Just before the end of the last watch before morning, the hirelings on watch were taken down by a group of 25 bugbears.

The bugbears managed to hit the spell casters and prevent them from blasting them with fireball.

The bugbears got in a few good licks, mostly knocking down all the hirelings, and a few wounds to many of the characters.

But soon, spells, like prayer, web, charm monster, sleep, magic missile, and phantasmal force of being surrounded by kobolds lead to the defeat of the bugbears.

Stohagan charmed two of them and Chesty one.

The party looted them of their personal wealth.

The rest of the day, the party had the bugbears dig for the gold and recovered several thousand more gold pieces.

They had them try a bit more, but only found a bit over 100 gold pieces.

The next day, they had the bugbears lead them to their abode. The bugbears make money hiring themselves out to the goblin tribes to the south who pay the best. When they heard rumors of Kalvix’ death, they didn’t believe it and decided they could join up with Kalvix and make more thumping heads of those claiming Kalvix was dead. After they experienced what the party did to them, and with the added benefit of being charmed, they now believe that Kalvix is dead.

The hills between the treasure and the bugbears’ current lair is very rough and slow travel with the wagon.

There are 6 females and 5 young in an old mostly collapsed building that may have been a blockhouse. A lean to of tree trunks provides shelter.

The party sells them the cursed kettle drums as a weapon to defeat their enemies for the 1,000 pieces of electrum the bugbears had in their lair.

They told the bugbears that the drums only work once and to storm into the midst of their foes and play them. Their warriors will be strengthened and their foes will be quieted.

While the females argued about that, the new chief and his two warriors liked the idea thanks to the charm monster.

The next day they pointed the wagon in the direction of the ancient castle the kobolds had under Kalvix and the goblins and hobgoblins under Grog took it from them.

They travelled all day through rough hills and made camp for the night, scheming about how they could use various magic and potions they have to get them to just leave and then take out any skeleton force left behind and then give the castle back to the kobolds.

They had an uneventful night and now have a few more miles to go before they get to the castle and unleash their latest plot….

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