Session 70

Session 70

DATE: March 14, 2021 Noon - 4:00 PM See Also: Player Session 70

8:00 AM 13th Fallowfield - 6:00 PM 15th of Fallowfield Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

The party rests and heads towards the Castle. They send Canis ahead to scout in bird form.

He meets back up with them about Noon and gives them the lay of the land around the castle.

They decide to make camp and wait til morning.

About 8:00 AM the 14th of Fallowfield, they leave the wagon with the hirelings and head to the castle on horseback, arriving about 4:00 PM.

Stohagan summons an air elemental, while the rest of the part casts spells to prepare for the fight.

Dinkgus casts Spectral Force and makes two 50 foot lines of dwarves appear. This gets the interest of the castle. Four ballista and all 3 catapults fire at the dwarves, but Dinkgus has it react accordingly.

The goblins outside the gate run for the gate.

Chesty flies invisibly to the roof of the keep. Jorl flies around to the back of the castle in the trees and take a few moments.

The air elemental smears a goblin into paste and all the others around one ballista flee and the others in the tower below also flee.

Olmnear fires his matchlock with great noise and smoke.

The uneven battle goes all against the castle occupants. Their missile weapons can’t touch the air elemental.

Chesty uses his wand of fear to clear the tower on the walls of the Keep for one ballista. The archers on the walls of the keep fire at Chesty, but have no effect due to his Protection from Normal Missiles.

The Air Elemental smears another Goblin and breaks the morale of those in another tower.

Soon all the forces are pulling away from the walls and falling back.

Jorl enlarges himself and casts fireball, taking out most of the goblins.

Chesty uses his fear want to clear the top level of the Keep.

The hobgoblin chief sends a messenger seeking to talk. Olmnear shoots him dead in one loud shot.

The hobgoblin chief leads the hobgoblins in a charge and Jorl casts lightning bolt killing most of the halbardiers and bodyguards of the chief. The chief and subchief can barely stand.

Jorl is hit by a couple of arrows, but his lightning bolt and the unwavering air elemental convince the chief to surrender.

The party gathers up the loot and begins planning/plotting what to do with the castle.

Make it a trade hub? Get it fixed up, hire Conleth, proprietor of the Fallen Paladin to run it?

So many ideas and plans, but so little time.

A.1,100gp Wrought Silver and Gold Bracer, 500gp Ivory Circlet, 4059gp

B. 1,000gp Topaz: Golden Yellow, 100gp Amber, 100gp Aquamarine x3, 50gp Moonstone x2, 4059gp

C.500gp Deep Blue Spinel x2, 100gp Amber, 200gp Hairpin, 100gp Armband, 50gp Bracelet, 50gp Copper Bracelet, 10gp Blue quartz x3, 10gp earing, 4110gp

D.500gp Necklace, 500 torc, 100gp Amber, 4509gp

E.500gp Large Amethyst x2, 100 Aquamarine, 4509gp


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