Session 71

Session 71

DATE: March 21, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 71

6:00 PM 15th of Fallowfield - 6:00 PM 24th of Fallowfield Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

Chesty charms the goblin bone rattlers and brings them with the party when they leave the castle a week after restoring it to the kobolds.

The party identifies the magic items they had not yet identified, and divides their treasure.

They send out the hobgoblins in groups of ten every hour and it takes until 6:00 PM the 16th for all of them to be shown out of the castle.

Canis using stone shape and Chesty using wall of stone help the kobolds remove the rubble from when they collapsed the entrance to the cave with the females, young, and eggs.

They party then decides that the treasure map they got off of Grog is the next priority. The hobgoblin chief claims to have never seen it.

The party goes North, since they know of a lake to the Northeast. They think they will find ruins for the starting point of the map.

They camp when the light fades. A lone scorpion approaches the horses, but Chesty scares it off with Wall of Fire. Stohagan uses Wall of Ice to help dowse the flames.

The party then tracks down the scorpion and Dinkgus goes into its lair and gets a solid pinch. Canis rushes in and nearly skewers it, Chesty and Stohagan blast it with Magic Missile, and Olmnear casts continual light on one of its eyes.

They find plenty of silver and gold scattered throughout the lair and decide to leave before other scorpions return home.

The next day, they head towards a ruined tower that Owlbert, Stohagan’s familiar spotted.

Jorl takes the lead on foot and narrowly misses falling into a sinkhole.

Jorl uses his ring of flying to scout down and the sinkhole is about 200 feet straight down until it opens to a larger cave.

Chesty tosses down a copper with Continual Light on it. It illuminates enough that they know there is water down below.

Jorl flies down and lowers Dinkgus below him. Once they near the water, Dinkgus cuts the rope and falls into the water and is attacked by an enormous translucent fish.

Jorl uses the trident of fish command to pacify the fish.

Dinkgus takes a breath and swims down and see the light from Chesty’s coin and swims down and the only metal he sees is Chesty’s coin.

Dinkgus swims up and climbs the rope Jorl has and is shivering with the cold of the water and the cold autumn wind.

The party decides to ignore the sinkhole and press on to the ruined tower.

The tower is a collection of scattered stones and the irregular walls of the lower floor, nor more than 5 feet high.

Jorl scouts the scattered rocks and startles a den of snakes, but takes flight in time to save himself.

Stohagan goes into the tower and moves the detritus of leaves and other forest litter in the tower and discovers that the tower is built on a large section of rock with no signs of a basement or dungeon.

The party decides to use the tower as the starting point of the map and head East, but see only hills.

They can’t seem to find terrain that matches the crude map they got off Grok’s body.

The fortification doesn’t resemble the kobold’s castle, and the terrain doesn’t match up.

They decide to make camp and the talk turns to heading South to the sea to take up the life of pirates.

It is now 6:00 PM the 15th of Fallowfield.

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