Session 73

Session 73

DATE: April 4, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 73

10:00 PM 28th of Fallowfield - 8:00 AM 11th of Bitterwind Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

The party camps out while Canis flies to the kobold castle to rest in a secure location to gain a level (9th level Druid).

They encounter some lions who caught some wild pigs. Hearing wild pigs nearby, they go in search of them. Dinkgus surprises the pigs, who also surprise him. Dinkgus with his bow and Olmnear with his matchlock drop the biggest one. All the other wild pigs and the lions flee at the sound of the roar of the firearm.

The next day, Canis rejoins the party and spots a scorpion. The party approaches and Jorl is charged by it. Chesty attempt so get the scorpion with fireball and miss Jorl, but mis-judges and Jorl is injured. The party manages to drop the scorpion with a flurry of magic missile, leaving Jorl coveres in burns and the gore from the scorpion.

The find the lair of the scorpion and find a few gems.

Dinkgus finds some wild apples, some fermented, and stores them in a large sack in the wagon.

Canis, is at the end of his early morning watch. A group of harpies entices both Canis and the hireling Bargle to wander towards the harpies. The do not manage to charm the two of them, but continue leading them away.

Dinkgus manages to wake up in time to rouse the camp. The harpies are soon defeated.

Coordinating spells of speak with dead, tongues, and comprehend languages the party learns where the harpies’ lair is. The find the lair empty of all but bone, offal, scraps of cloth & leather, nests, and a magic spear and a wand.

The magic spear they determine to have a minor enchantment and the wand of fire has less than ten charges and cannot be re-charged.

The resume their journey South and find a large lake and go around it to the West, which appears to be the quickest way to get past it.

On the narrow Western shore of the lake, Stohagan decides to go for an early morning swim using water breathing.

Stohagan attracts a huge fish, which Stohagan slows, but manages to take a big gite out of Stohagan. Stohagan hit is with magic-missile, then decides to Dimension Door to shore. Dinkgus thinks the fish swallowed Stohagan. Meanwhile, on shore, Stohagan uses Monster Summoning and some amorphous blob of a creature appears over the blood pooling at the surface and sinks below the waves. There is no more sign of trouble from the giant fish.

Perhaps it is the blood, but a large wake approaches shore. In the location of the blood a huge worm, similar to the sand worms of the desert to the West rises out of the water and heads for shore.

The party prepares to meet it.

Jorl is swallowed whole, but the rest of the party quickly kill the creature and Jorl who enlarged himself emerges from the dead creature. He managed to find 21 gems inside it.

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