Session 74

Session 74

DATE: April 1, 2021 Noon - 4:00 PM See Also: Player Session 74

The party is camped for the night the 11th of Bitterwind. While on watch, Jorl and the dwarf Gildal, are approached by three goblins with a dirty rag at the end of a twig. They say that their mistress, Ilana, wants them to come explain why they are travelling through her lands.

The party decides to go since the Tri-Peaks are in the general direction they wish to go.

Jorl flies ahead invisibly to scout and see two different spiders at different times one much bigger than the other.

When they camp for the night a giant scorpion wanders in during Dinkgus’ watch, but Dinkgus casts color spray to stun it and runs up to kill it.

The party spots two enormous spiders watching them. Omnear uses speak with animals to speak with them and they praise their mistress Ilana.

They finally arrive in sight of the Tri-Peaks and overnight.

The next day they arrive. They pass over the drawbridge which is raised and the gate shut once they pass. They are allowed into the inner gates of the inner wall before the enormous square tower. A goblin says that they can keep their weapons if they don’t cause trouble and the party agrees to it.

Ilana introduces herself and gets the names of the party and looks directly at the invisible Chesty.

Ilana tells them that she wants them to take care of a pack of tentacle cats to prove the party’s good intent and to help her redcaps since she it too busy dealing with something else.

The party agrees. Ilana has them escorted to the guest quarters with a large room and dining table with a large meal and wine across the hall from individual beds for all in the party (including hirelings).

Chesty and Dinkgus elect to sleep in the wagon. 4 big ogres watch them. Dinkgus calls for a goblin with audible glamor of a bell. The goblin brings two plates, but Chesty sticks to iron rations.

The next day a goblin wolf riding scout takes them near the lair of the tentacle cats. The party moves in close and is surprised by the beasts, but the party soon gets the best of them, kill all but the one Chesty charmed.

They overnight in the hills and return to the Tri-Peaks the next day.

Ilana is pleased and trades the charmed tentacle cat and 1,000 GP in gems to buy a belt to magic with giant strength. The hill giant the Bully Jum, gave his heart for the enchantment which took 8 days. While the party waited, they asked questions and Canis scouted ahead a bit to confirm that to the South there is a strip of grassland that will give the party more rapid travel South.

On the 25th of Bitterwind the party stands before Ilana and Dinkgus is presented with his belt of hill giant strength. Ilana asks that party what else they may want.

They ask her about the map they got from Grog and she does not recognize it. She says it must be north of the large lake to the north.

They also ask about the map from the hill giant lair. She can read and knows it is the map to the library of Trapzigor Arntillac a great mage of the Wizards of the East in the ancient city of Drahn when Drahn was still an empire.

She offers to buy it from the party, but they want to keep it. She will help them decipher it if they let her have the spellbook of Trapzigor Arntillac. The party presses for a magic item for each of them, excepting Dinkgus. She points out that it will take a long time.

The party remains in her presence discussing this, since it is the morning of the 25th of Bitterwind.

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