Session 75

Session 75

DATE: April 18, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 75

9:00 AM 25th of Bitterwind after Dinkgus receives his belt of hill giant strength.

They discuss joining forces to retrieve the treasures of the ancient wizard Trapzigor Arntillac. His home/tower/library/?? will be more easily accessible in 43 days on the 12th of Frostwind.

They agree to meet Ilana in 40 days.

They make an agreement that Ilana gets first pick of magic items, plus the spell books, and will enchant items that the other party members, besides Dinkgus, provide.

Olmnear made an arrangement for her to figure out the formula of the powder that fuels his matchlock in exchange for enchanting an item.

Chesty leaves the wagon (and Jorl the hirelings??) at Ilanas. Chesty brings along all the horses and his two charmed goblins.

They make good time without the wagon, especially travelling the well-travelled path through the plains South to an area relatively near the Gnome Lands.

On the 1st of Darkeve as they are about ready to prepare camp, they are beset by two giant scorpions. One took down Dinkgus’ horse and wounded Dinkgus.

Chesty ordered his charmed goblin shaman to heal Dinkgus’ horse, but he only bound wounds, as he did not have that spell prepared.

Canis charged and wounded one scorpion and magic missiles down the other scorpion. The remaining scorpion turned and managed to sting Canis, who resisted the poison, although it burned within his veins.

The entire party failed to track the scorpions, but Chesty using his owl figurine managed to spot the trail. They found 7,000 SP, a scroll of wizard spells, a potion of flight, and a vial of deadly poison.

They made camp near the scorpion lair. During Olmnear’s watch an ogre with a red cap came and sat by the fire and grunted when Olmnear attempted to speak with him. The ogre remained when it came time for Jorl’s watch. Jorl heard and resisted the song of harpies, but the ogre wandered off to the source of the song and no sign of it was seen in the morning.

On the 2nd of Darkeve, about the time they normally make camp, they were met by a patrol of 20 gnomes. The gnomes were very suspicious of the party, especially since they were coming from the goblin lands and had two goblins with them. The patrol leader couldn’t let the party pass with goblins. They presented two choices, kill the goblins or let the patrol kill the goblins. The party elected to wait for captain Toben Ironspan. The patrol leader blows a horn which echoes off the hills and low mountains. A couple hours later, captain Toben Ironspan and 50 gnomes show up, and gives the same ultimatum as the patrol leader.

On the morning of the 3rd of Darkeve, a heavy snow was falling. Chesty was invisible and he turned the two goblins invisible and told them to keep quiet. Dinkgus claimed the two goblins ran off in the night. The gnomes looked for tracks, but found none in the falling snow. The gnomes then escorted the party to a wall between two mountains and ordered the gate be opened to let the party through.

They reach a town in the hills called Hilduar and stay at the local tavern/inn. Chesty shuffles his two goblins to his room, since they are stressed being surrounded by gnomes in the Gnome Lands.

The next day they reach Hilkass and stay at the inn there.

Dinkgus buys a round and old gnome Hengnis has heard of Dinkgus and what he did and tells Dinkgus he should be ashamed to put his parents through that. Hengnis downs his drink before slamming down the mug and wandering off. The remaining gnomes mutter about how old Hengnis always has to make a show about complaining about something and let everyone know he’s displeased.

The next morning, the 4th of Darkeve, Dinkgus buys a cart and fills it with kegs of beer and wine.

The party then heads out for Dinkgus’ home town, and arrive about 10 AM in Deep Wood, named for the forest in a depression. They head to Dinkgus’ parents and evidently they know to expect him as his mother runs out to great them. Dinkgus picks her up as he has never been able to before. He takes his father’s axe and cuts down a tree in one blow. It misses the house but hits the wood shed.

His mother is covered in flour from baking all night. His father is ready with his mug behind Dinkgus.

Dinkgus starts preparing the homestead for a big party. Other members of the group go to Deep Wood and buy more drinks and Chesty pays to get the word out about a party.

Dinkgus hires someone to roast a hog and a steer. Stohagan hires a band and buys a cart to use as a stage.

Guests start showing up at 3:00 PM and start drinking. The party is well underway by 6:00 PM. Hengnis showed up with a large mug and was loudly complaining near the bar about Dinkgus, but no one was really listening.

Dinkgus cast spectral force in the image of Hengnis and had it tell how wonderful Dinkgus is.

Hengnis stormed off defeated, and Chesty shrunk him.

Gamdet Masinbet the master of illusion who trained Dinkgus shows up once the party is in full swing. He is pleased that Dinkgus has advanced in skill as an illusionist.

Dinkgus then had the spectral Hengnis tell the Tale of Dinkgus.

Dinkgus plans to talk to Gamdet Masinbet the next day, perhaps to acquire more illusionist spells and magic.

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