Session 76

Session 76

DATE: April 25, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 76

At the party Gamdet Masinbet mentions to Dinkgus that he has a job he’d like to discuss the next day. Dinkgus parents join the conversation with Dinkgus former master in the art of illusion.

Olmnear proclaims Pyrognix and initially gets 3 interested listeners. He fires off his matchlock, stunning the crowd. He then has 12 gnomes listening to him. Two gnomes are sketching his matchlock and taking notes. Olmnear won’t let them hold the matchlock. He also won’t give them a sample of gunpowder.

Chesty starts a game of ten coper pickup and is amused by the younger gnomes that participate. Some gnomish youths try to prank Chesty by tying his shoes together, but he manages to stay on his feet.

Jorl witnesses a gnome dressed in darker clothes pickpocket another gnome’s purse. Later he overhears a couple of gnomes discussing an issue of a monster at a new mine and dead miners and a dead gnome adventuring party.

Olmnear and Jorl just sip their drinks to keep their wits.

Canis drinks a lot and has a hangover the next day.

Chesty drinks a large amount and has a hangover the next morning. Chesty aims to sleep til the next day.

Stohagan keeps to himself and is more withdrawn than usual.

The next day they meet with Gamdet Masinbet at his home. They find that it is bigger on the inside. The table is large enough for all of them, and all who sit around the table are at eye level with each other, it is quite disorienting.

Gamdet explains that the job is to deal with the monster(s) at the new mine in the gnomish town of Boram. This was to be a new mine to follow a potentially rich vein of gems. Soon they uncovered a small cave, and at the back of the cave was a wall with a door. They opened the door and were killed. A gnomish adventuring party was also killed.

Gamdet and his friends are getting on in years and aren’t up to adventuring, that is best left to younger folk. However, their scrying leads them to believe that some sort of object is guarded their. He wants whatever is guarded, it appears to be on a pedestal. The party can keep any other valuables that they find.

Gamdet shows them a map of the area. He then sells Dinkgus some new spells and some scrolls. The party then buys all his potions and scrolls of protection.

The next day the party heads to Boram and reaches the tavern after dark. A crowd waits for them in the common room. A distraught gnomish woman gets out words between her sobs and tears about sons, husband, children, what will she do, when her friends intervene.

The party learns that 12 gnomish miners were working in the Fall to open the new mine. They had hoped to have work over the winter. Ten of them were killed and two escaped with broken bones. A couple weeks later the gnomish adventuring party showed up and were all killed.

Dinkgus, Jorl, Canis, and Olmnear visited the families of the ten who were slain and gives each of them 100 gp. The tears from the grateful widows soak his neck. They go to one of the survivors, but he is in a coma. The last one has a splint on his leg and tells of the discovery of a creature like earth and rock in humanoid shape. He managed to drag the gnome in a coma out of the door and the creature did not follow them out of the door.

The next day the party walks the couple of miles to the mine site, lead by other miners who will bury the entrance, if the party can’t take care of the creature.

The party finds a cave with a 25 foot high wall with a stone door in the middle. There is an unknown script on the door. Jorl casts Comprehend Languages and it says something along the lines of “Danger: Containment Area.”

Dinkgus detects no traps, but his illusionist training gives him the sense that there is something up with the door. Also the door is not locked and it opens inward.

The party arrays themselves before the door and Dinkgus climbs the wall and opens the door and Chesty tosses in a coin with Continual Light on it. Inside is an Earth Elemental and the party attacks with magic and Canis is punched, spoiling his rock to mud spell. Canis is punched again before lightning bolts bouncing off the walls, magic missile, and physical attacks drop it.

The party goes into the room and the walls, floor, and ceiling matches the outside wall. There is another door, with the same message.

Dinkgus checks for traps, etc.

When the door is opened, Chesty tosses another coin with continual light that bounces off the door frame and lands just inside the door, but allows enough light to see a pit and a lever on the other side.

Jorl flies in and goes up 30 feet to the ceiling and lands next to the lever. He pulls the lever and spikes lower from the ceiling, as it begins to lower. He checks the pit and spikes rise up as the floor of the 60 feet deep pit rise up

In the side of the pit, at the 20 foot level is a passage. The passage is 30 feet long.

Canis uses stoneshape to make a door and they see a step with a floor and no pit on the other side.

Canis then uses stoneshape to make an opening in the floor and they find Jorl.

Jorl explains the passage and takes Chesty down. Chesty goes to the end of the passage and holds a continual light coin, finding in a circular room that has a stone statue, that is either an animated statue, or a stone golem. The floor of the room has bones of past adventurers, rotted clothing, armor, weapons, but some weapons that are not rotted, and coins and gems.

They decide to pull back and rest up so Canis can use Stone to Mud on the Statue/Golem.

They set up in the room where they fought the earth elemental. After a long period sitting and watching, the door Canis made with stone shape closed as they saw the ceiling rise through the shrinking opening, and the first door slammed shut.

When the opened the door another earth elemental appeared, but the party got though the door before it could get them.

They party walked back to town to rest and relearn spells and come back later to deal with the new earth elemental and the statue/stone golem.

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