Session 77

Session 77

DATE: May 2, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 77

After pulling back to recover and relearn spells the party returns the next day the party returns and fights another Earth Elemental and defeat it with lightning and magic missile.

They use fly to enter the room and pull the lever after learning that stone shape will not be enough to access the room with the Stone Golem.

A well placed rock to mud from Canis buries the stone golem who is unable to grab on to the edge, and sinks out of sight. There is a rumble as the floor cracks and settles and the walls and ceiling also crack.

Dispel magic from Canis turns the mud to rock and as they would later find out, dispelled two potions.

They recover the object from the pedestal a silver and ivory circlet with 4 “stones” of leather, rock, clay, and iron.

They also recover a lot of coins, 3 gems, and some magic items from prior adventurers.

All but Chesty and Dinkgus climb in the portable hole. Dinkgus grabs the circlet and runs to Chesty who dimension doors the two of them outside the cave. They let the others out of the portable hole.

They go back to town and rest up and use Identify to figure out what they have found and learn that the circlet is a Golem Control Circlet. They divvy up their loot and Dinkgus chooses the circlet controlling elementals.

The party goes back and Stohagan summons an earth elemental to dig a slopping tunnel to the stone golem. The stone golem and earth elemental get in a fight and Stohagan and Dinkgus arrive in time to prevent the Earth Elemental from smashing the Stone Golem.

They then return to the surface. Stohagan has the elemental dig a hole as deep as it can to occupy it without having to stick around until the summoning wears off.

Stohagan, Dinkgus, and Chesty stay at the cave while the others go retrieve the horses.

They then start heading South and about mid-day are ambushed by a dozen ogres who are upon them fast enough to wound nearly all of them, but the party prevails.

They started looting the bodies.

Has anyone seem the invisible goblins?

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