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Session 78

Session 78

DATE: May 16, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 78

After looting the ogres that ambushed the party on the road, they reach the settlement of Quartz Ridge. They are greeted by a gnome in the livery of the Gnome Lord riding a war boar.

The messenger asks for Dinkgus Fastcrank and once Dinkgus confirms his identity, the messenger hands over a message from Gamdet Masinbet.

The letter suggests that Dinkgus’ “borrowing” of the stone golem is anticipated and Gamdet reveals he has been busy using all his skill to cover up a paid of mated dragons in the swamp South of South Spire. A mountain with a gnomish guard tower. The dragons have recruited the ogres from the swamp to raid the gnome villages. The male is called Athaxios and supposedly his mate is Zuur.

The party decide that where there’s dragons, there’s treasure decide to accept this task.

They find lodging in the tavern/inn.

The town of Quartz Ridge seems oddly unworried about the ogres who they report just walking through town like they couldn’t see the gnomes. The ogres only seem to cause trouble for travelers on the road.

They ask the village elders what they will pay them to deal with the dragon. No one believes there is a dragon. The party does work out a deal to earn 10 gp per ogre scalp and one free room and board at the inn for a week.

Dinkgus arranges with the blacksmith to make a hooded lantern that the front and back panels move the size of a human head. Dinkgus also arranges for a seat to fit the left shoulder of the stone golem. It should be ready in the morning. Dinkgus pays extra for a rush job.

They ask the name of the oldest gnome, thinking they will have information no one else does. Havarum Barrelgood is his name. The next morning Dinkgus buys a barrel of rum and takes it to Havarum when the party goes to question him. He tells them of the town of Obsidian having trouble with the ogres.

They notice that Havarum has two books, Tales of Gnome Adventurers and Lands of Mystery. Books in gnome that Dinkgus never heard of. Havarum said that they were his wife’s favorites and he won’t part with them while he lives.

When the party leaves, they hear Havarum talking as if to someone, but the answering voice is Havarum’s like he is imitating his wife.

They return to town and stop by the blacksmith. Dinkgus is pleased with the lantern and goes to the alley and carefully removes the Medusa head with his eyes closed and uses his hands to feel the eyes and place them in the lantern. Dinkgus opens his eyes to see an exquisite statue of a young gnomish boy. Dinkgus realizes what happened and they stash the statue in the portable hole.

The party begins their journey and are again ambushed by about a dozen ogres. The party quickly dispatches all but one, which Chesty charms. Grinder the ogre tells them that their chiefGrogor fled. Grinder leads the party to the swamp around the peak of South Spire.

They find a place to camp that has boulder and fir trees. Dinkgus commands the stone golem to construct a cave our of boulders so they can have a fire without disclosing their presence.

When they finally get to the mountain and work their way around it, they find a cave big enough for the party, but too small for the stone golem.

The next day they spot vultures circling. The party comes upon the disfigured remains of a wyvern.

Grinder agrees to show them to Athaxios cave, but he won’t go in.

As they follow the trail into the swamp they encounter a pack of wolves, but the golem and ogre are enough to keep them at bay.

About Noon on the 12th of Darkeve they hear a loud roar that echoes off the hills and mountain around the swamp.

See Also: Letter from Gamdet Masinbet

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