Session 79

Session 79

DATE: May 23, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 79

Grinder the ogre led the party through the swamp towards the cave of Athaxios and Zuur.

The party noticed a hawk circling overhead but weren’t sure if it was Canis, a normal hawk, or something else.

They spotted a large winged shape coming towards them, hearing its roar. Athaxios landed out of range about 350 yards away behind a rise. The party prepared to meet him. He took to flight flying around the edge of a circle around them about 300 yards away.

Grinder fled North in fear.

Chesy, Stohagan, and Jorl all flew North then Athaxios cut in and flew straight at Chesty, evidently the dragon could see him, even though they were invisible. Athaxios shot Chesty with magic missile, then closed and belched forth an enormous quantity of acid, bringing Chesty as close to death as it is possible to be.

Dinkgus swooped in with his fly to save Chesty, just in time.

Jorl hit it with Fireball, then charged in and dispatched the dragon.

Healing potions and cure light wounds were applied to Chesty and he was soon back on his feet, although horribly scarred.

While most of the party took trophies from the dragon, such as the heart, head, wings, claws, and skin, Jorl went to the ridge where Athaxios dove behind to watch.

Canis then showed up from his scouting to the sounds of the roar.

Canis and Dinkgus flew North until they could see a cave. Two ogres stood guard outside and there were remains of two wyverns outside the cave.

Canis and Dinkgus returned to camp after dark.

They camped with the dragon and had to deal with two huge spiders, 9 wolves, and 10 giant toads before morning.

They slept in to rest two more hours to get back their low level spells.

They broke camp and went to the rise that Jorl had scouted preparing to continue further Southeast into the swamp.

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