Session 80

Session 80

DATE: June 6, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 80

After a failed first attempt at using an air elemental to go fight the dragon in the cave, it turned on Stohagan and the party used up all their offensive spells, they rested up and moved closer and attacked by evening.

Dinkgus snuck up and backstabbed an ogre, dropping it.

The rest of the party dealt with the ogres, this time keeping within the radius of control to maintain an earth elemental acting as they needed.

Dinkgus snuck in the cave and was jumped by the dragon, nearly killing him.

It was only the appearance of the fresh opponent, Olmnear, that took the dragon’s focus off Dinkgus.

Dinkgus was then able to use the scroll of Phantom Killer that he bought from Gamdet Masinbet, his old master.

The dragon failed its save and after a couple rounds of combat the phantom hit, killing the dragon.

The party has three ogres left and a wounded earth elemental fighting them

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