Session 83

Session 83

DATE: June 27, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 83

The party reaches Boram and finds it eerily silent. It has been ransacked and bodies of now frozen gnomes left behind and the rest of its inhabitants missing.

They find short crossbow bolts designed to hold poison in some of the bodies. They immediately suspect the Drow.

They use stone shape to make a cover for the 15 foot diameter hole created by the Earth Elemental Stohagan summoned to deal with the stone golem. Stohagan told it to go down as deep as it could. Dinkgus had the stone golem put four large boulders around it to weigh it down and had the golem carve a skull & crossbones with the message Do Not Open - Drow.

They dropped a copper piece with Continual Light on it and watched the light go dimmer until it faded from sight.

The party overnighted in a house with a door, then made their way to the Grand Hall of the Gnome Lord.

They learned that they were expected by Gamdet Masinbet who was at the peak of the low mountain. An honor guard of 12 gnomish Wolverine Warriors were sent with them.

They alerted the commander of the guard post of the trouble in Boram and he dispatched a dozen riders on huge war boars to investigate.

Gamdet met them when the gate at the peak was opened and took them to the guest quarters where a roaring fire and fresh hot meal awaited them.

Gamdet was thankful for their dealing with both dragons and broached the trouble that a couple of goblins caused in a tavern in the village of Hilkass. This caused some hard feelings.

The next day Gamdet and an honor guard of Wolverine Warriors took them down the winding slope to the Hall of the Gnome Lord. They presented a gift of the captured winter wolf, the necklaces of the warriors and Wolverine Warriors who fell fighting the dragons, and a large cake from Olmnear.

The Gnome Lord, Aden Gemcutter, declared that the party are friends of the Gnome Lands and its Lord. He presented each of them with a copper pendant on one side is a profile like for a coin of the Gnome Lord, and the other side is the Seal of the Gnome Lord. It grants them safe passage through the Gnome Lands and freedom from tolls and other taxes.

The Gnome Lord then dismissed the court and had a table and chairs brought in so he could step down from his throne and dais and talk privately with Gamdet and the party. It is obvious he has grown tired of the many decades of following all the forms of holding an audience before the court.

He asks the party to do him a favor as a friend to find out if the gnomes from Boram yet live or not, and where they are. If they can save them, or at least bring back word of where they are.

The party has to wait a day due to a blizzard, and the following day along with 3 dozen Wolverine Warriors return to Boram which they reach at 8:00 PM on the 3rd of Frostwind

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