Session 84

Session 84

DATE: Sunday, July 4, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM EDT SEE ALSO: Player Session 84

The party overnights in Boram without event.

The next morning, they travel to the shaft created by Stohagan’s Earth Elemental.

Canis takes the form of a bat and had Chesty cast Continual Light on his earring. Canis then flew down the shaft. After about 120 feet it opened into a chasm that is about 70 feet wide East to West and an unknown distance North to South.

Canis continued about another 100 feet and there was a much larger cavern wider than his light could see. He saw the Western edge of the cavern narrowing, but appearing to slope to the East, but still no bottom was found.

Canis past a couple of elven “spider centaurs” who fired bows at him and each hit him once. Canis felt the sting of poison, but resisted the drowsiness that tried to overcome him.

Canis them flew up to the top with the others and resumed human form and relayed what he had seen.

The party then ensured all had a way to fly and all but Dinkgus and Canis on the ebony fly were invisible.

Dinkgus ordered the stone golem to keep watch and to attack anything coming up the shaft that wasn’t them.

The party reached the first cavern and between coppers with continual light dropped to the bottom and continual light cast on the walls, the area immediately around the shaft created by the Earth Elemental is illuminated.

A fireball alerted the party that something was there. Chesty used detect invisibility to get a bead on the spider centaur and cast Continual Light near it. This proved efficacious as the creatures fled this bright light.

One of the creatures ascended to the edge of a mine collapse the earth elemental passed through and Jorl and others worked to deal with it once the other was killed.

The spider centaur in the mine shaft remnant they took to the surface and showed to the gnome Wolverine Warriors who accompanied the party to Boram.

They have sent word that they will need miners to locate the entrance to the mine shaft they found collapsed.

They also suggested that a winch and lift to recover any survivors they may find.

The party plans to resume their investigation tomorrow.

While waiting, Stohagan locates enough rope and wood to make a 100 foot rope ladder.

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