Session 85

Session 85

DATE: Sunday, July 11, 2021 Noon - 3:45 PM EDT SEE ALSO: Player Session 85

The party was warm and cozy in the looted, disheveled inn.

On Jorl’s watch, he heard a noise. He woke Olmnear, who woke Chesty.

When Jorl stepped out to investigate, two poorly aimed bolts missed him and he charged and slew one drow and with the assistance of Olmnear and Chesty (Continual Light to the eyes) captured the other.

The gnome Wolverine Warriors poured out of the building they were using with the thunderous crack of Olmnear’s matchlock. Two warriors set to guard the sealed hole of the Earth Elemental came to check out the loud noise and reported no trouble back at their posts.

Chesty used his owl figurine to scout and found that the two sets of footprints ended about 20 feet over the low wall around Boram.

The party waited until morning to investigate and discovered that this area is a portal of some sort activated by a stone unlike the other stone in the area.

They decide to summon an Earth Elemental and use the portal to see what is on the other end.

They emerged into a huge cavern and the continual light coins Chesty placed on either side of Stohagan on the Floating Disk illuminated the 5 drow arranged around their landing and two drider overhead.

The party soon eliminates all but one drow and one drider. The surviving drow is captured and the drider pulled back and managed to catch Jorl in Web.

The others went to help Jorl and Confusion sent Canis wandering off to the Northwest and the Earth Elemental to the East. Soon Chesty wandered off to the East, fortuitously keeping Stohagan in range of the Earth Elemental.

Dinkgus and Jorl defeated the last drider and Dinkgus used the fly to go after Canis. Dinkgus found the confused Canis just as two drider bound him up and took him down a tunnel.

Dinkgus used paralyzation and paralyzed one and the other drider could not hold the weight of both a drider and Canis, and both the paralyzed drider and confused Canis fell twenty feet. Dinkgus swooped in and scooped up Canis and returned to the rest of the party.

The rest of the party came upon a group of drow who only thought they were ready for the party and the continual light on the golem drove them off, but not before Olmnear held three and Jorl fireballed a group of them.

The drow then fled to the East to a large fortified gate guarding a tunnel, but a half dozen were locked out.

Magic missile and lightning bolt damaged the Earth Elemental, then Jorl cast Confusion on the gate and chaos in view of the party and in earshot of the party inside the gate ensured.

The party hope to win initiative and emerge victorious from this combat.

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