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Session 89

Session 89

DATE: Sunday, August 29, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM EDT SEE ALSO: Player Session 89

Canis scouted ahead and saw ruins. Just before he returned to the party on the beach, the party was attacked by 3 giant horseflies. Stohagen and Dinkgus were dropped before Canis could get there. Canis arrived in time to help save Stohagen and Dinkgus and defeat all 3 horseflies.

The party healed up and continued finding a defensible campsite. The evening was uneventful.

The next day was uneventful. Stohagen caught a glimpse of a cave or opening in the hills, but the evening’s fading light did not allow them to find it. The evening was uneventful.

The next day, they found the opening. It was not a cave but a forty foot wide and twenty foot high opening of smooth, worked stone going back into the hills.

They found a large hexagonal shaped room about 80 feet across with a tall statue of a lizardman holding a staff and a book. When they entered a room, the statue began speaking in an unfamiliar language. Jorl had Comprehend Languages and deciphered the repeating message for the party. I SSthomok guard this place and command you to leave before you die.

The far end of the chamber was guarded by a Wall of Fire that damaged Jorl. Olmnear cast Resist Fire and crossed through with minimal damage, but could not find a way around the flames, as the entire complex filled with mist limiting vision to 10’.

While Olmnear was searching, Dinkgus climbed up the statue and noticed unintelligible writing on the pages of the open book. Jorl climbed up and his Comprehend Languages helped him learn that it said, Ssthomok the Great, Archmage of the Ssthm Empire.

Canis tried to dispel the Wall of Fire and failed.

The party decided to rest for the night and the Magic Mouth continued speaking until the next day once no one was in the large chamber for a period of time. The mist disappeared in the wee hours of the night. Suddenly doors appeared in the walls.

Chesty cast Wall of Iron to block off all but three feet of the width of the entrance up to a height of nine feet.

The night watches were uneventful until the last watch for Canis. Two sabre toothed tigers showed up and Canis managed to wake the party and have them get on the other side of the Wall of Iron. The sabre tooths decided to sulk off, looking for easier prey.

Canis tried again and this time did dispel the Wall of Fire. Olmnear re-joined the party.

They searched and found two empty rooms with no exit. Two went up to a cross chamber. One was collapsed. The other is a long disused barracks and armory with 24 bunks and trunks. The bunks were more like pallets. The bedclothes were shreds and fell to pieces when disturbed. The party found a little gold and a few gems, and rusty and rotted weapons.

They found the another hall that lead to the cave in, but no sign of how to enter the room safely.

Jorl and Olmnear went North and came to a chasm. The mist appeared soon after Jorl crossed and the doors appeared to be walls again. Stohagan and Chesty led Canis through the doorway he could not manage to find.

With the entire party lined up in a long North/South Hallway with ten feet of visibility due to the mist, they prepare to cross the chasm.

8:30 AM 22nd Frostwind.

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