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Session 90

Session 90

DATE: Sunday, September 12, 2021 Noon - 4:00 PM EDT SEE ALSO: Player Session 90

The party crossed the chasm by Jorl ferrying each across. Before they could all get across, Dinkgus encountered a large plant creature. The creature was touch and grabbed Jorl, pulling Jorl into the mass of slimy vegetation. The creature was slain before Jorl suffocated on the mass of slimy vegetation.

The Party then ventured to the large room at the end of the long passage and encountered a nearly skeletal lizardfolk who cast spells at them and had an invisible companion attacking.

It managed to drive off Canis and charm Olmnear. Olmnear helped it by spoiling some of Chesty’s spells and forced Dinkgus to subdue Olmnear. The invisible creature focused on Dinkgus, but only connected a couple of time.

Then it charmed Stohagan.

Dinkgus cast Spectral Force and used 44 images of himself to divide the attacks and to attack the invisible creature. Chesty cast Detect Invisibility to spot it and cast magic missile on it.

Eventually, the invisible creature was slain.

Magic appears to hurt the skeletal like Lizardfolk, but every time Dinkgus stabbed it, his weapon passed through it.

The creature slowed the party, then Chesty slowed the creature so that for the moment, they each have an initiative roll.

The creature cast web that trapped Canis and the unconscious Olmnear.

The creature then cast Wall of Force from floor to ceiling trapping all but Jorl who was flying around the tower to attempt to find a door. Olmnear was unconscious in the webs.

The creature then disappeared.

Chesty grabbed Dinkgus and teleported to the other side of the Wall of Force. Jorl then decided to run around the outside of the walls of the chamber around the tower, followed by Chesty.

Dinkgus went the opposite direction and found a huge pile of gold coins.

Canis managed to break free from the web and moved into the same Wall of Force confined space as Stohagan between the wall of the tower and the web. Stohagan recovered from being dazzled by the dark flames that appeared to emanate from the black/dark crystal the lizardfolk has. They elect to wait, since they are not sure what may happen.

Dinkgus frees the unconscious Olmnear from the webs to prevent him from suffocating.

Jorl and Chesty come upon the skeletal creature and it tries to dazzle them with the dark flames of the gem. Chesty hurts it with Magic Missle, the first attack that appears to have hurt it. Jorl casts dispel magic on the creature, but is unsure what effect it may have had.

We left off ready for intentions and initiative to finish the fight.

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