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Session 91

Session 91

DATE: Sunday, September 19, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM EDT SEE ALSO: Player Session 91

After several minutes of intense fighting and two phase spiders showing up to help Ssthmok, he is defeated by a failed save vs. Confusion which caused him to wander away. When he reached the end of the hallway interrupted by the chasm, he began climbing down.

Chesty put Oil of Slipperiness below his path of descent and he fell.

The mist still obscured the entire complex.

Dinkgus, Chesty, and Stohagan all flew down. Dinkgus found the shattered body of Ssthmok impaled by a stalagmite 500 feet below.

They could not find the Crystal of the Ebon Flame on his person.

Stohagan ascended and spotted several places where Ssthmok had bounced off protrusions from the chasm wall, marked by tiny bits of cloth, but no crystal.

Chesty searched the bottom of the chasm from wall to wall, fifty feet either side of where Ssthmok landed, but only found about 98 GP.

They ascended to help the others search for secret doors. Jorl had tried kicking the walls of the tower and other parts of the room the tower is in. All he managed to do in his enlarged size is chip away at the stone walls.

Chesty still had detect invisibility and noticed a lizard fold shaped outline in the North wall of the tower. They tried all kinds of things, but could not pass through.

Finally, Canis cast Dispel Magic and succeeded in dispelling a portion of the Wall of Stone along the North portion of the tower at ground level.

The party then entered and found loot of Ssthmok, but not the crystal.

They decided to rest an heal up and relearn spells.

They had to many spells to learn that it was 5:30 AM before the last spell was memorized.

Overnight the huge pile of 72,000 GP turned to copper. Chesty started striking the coins against iron and the gold coins became copper.

The mist finally ended overnight.

Jorl and Dinkgus went back to the bottom of the chasm while others were still learning spells and found the Crystal of the Ebon Flame. Dinkgus resisted the charm effects when its dark flame and rays appeared within as Jorl held it.

They returned to the rest of the party and Jorl was ready to head back to Wode Haven to give the crystal to Solanon, but Olmnear argued to return to the Map of Destiny with the keg they found. (Jorl read its writing and it says: “DANGER ??? Powder” One word is unfamiliar.)

However, Stohagan is eager to go find Gaul somewhere in The Broken Lands.

They party leaves the ruins and as they pass the statue of Ssthmok the magic mouth activates, but the mist they expected does not.

They all fly back to the Storm Chaser and Captain Calarel makes ready to get underway to Fire Island as she said Solanon has warned her about this, and indeed has experienced this before.

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