Stohagan Wisedrifter

Stohagan Wisedrifter

Father: Godfrey Wizard/Advisor to the Baron of Midmere

Mother: Sybil Wizard/Politician

5 Siblings:

The Wisedrifter bloodline is one of wizards. A proud name to behold with every generation finding themselves amongst the highest nobility as the advisors to the arcane. A right of passage in the family is the day when the Wizard Council makes their selections from the Arcane Temple.

This was the 4th year that Stohagan was passed over for selection, with his twin brothers being select nearly 3 years ago. Such a rare occurrence for there to be twin wizards, and their natural gifts enhanced from their bond. It’s no wonder they had been the youngest wizards ever to be selected.

For Stohagan, this was not the case. He did not have the natural touch to the ethereal plane has the rest of his family did. His love was for the learnt book, searching scroll after scroll within the top towers of the arcane library. Surely the time Stohagan had accidentally polymorphed one of the nobles in to a donkey after trying to replicate a spell he had seen, had not proven his name strong on the list of the chosen. Now that he had spent time reading the text, he is sure he could change the Wizard Councils mind. Beside that man was an ASS!

As the days of spring started to show amongst the trees in the courtyard of the temple, Stohagan received word to speak with the Wizard Council. He was tasked with finding the old words written by the ancient wizards. Long sought after centuries old scrolls written before the fall of Dulmar Empire. If his tasked was to be completed, he is to return these scrolls to the temple library and be selected among the next chosen.

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