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Temple of The Necromancer

Temple of The Necromancer

The Temple of The Necromancer is a mountaintop temple somewhere to the West across the desert of the Temple of Binding.

The party defeated the skeletons, zombies, and ghouls and the human guards.

They captured one of the lieutenants and the amulets from each lieutenant. These Control Amulets that bear the Symbol of The Necromancer allowed the guards to direct the undead.

They also gathered many magical Returning Axes from these guards. They shared them with their Sand Viking allies.

The party fought and killed many fanatics of The Necromancer and drove off the Son of The Necromancer and sealed the portal between the underground Tomb of The Necromancer and the mountaintop

Hand Drawn Mtn Top Temple - Mine Craft Mtn Top Temple

Tomb of The Necromancer

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