The Fallen Paladin

The Fallen Paladin

AKA The Paladin. Tavern named after the unknown paladin who gave his life to save Farthorpe from an unspeakable horror.

The Fallen Paladin: A paladin of unknown name who gave his life to save the town of Farthorpe from an Unspeakable Horror. There is a monument of stacked stones (cairn) currently being tended to by an order, the Followers of the Way who are currently encamped there. Various pilgrims have come to venerate the site.

The gathering place

Tavern Name: The Fallen Paladin Named for a hero of forgotten name who died saving the town from destruction.

Ogre Bites - meat pies big enough to feed everyone at the table.

In other regions - mead battered ogre bites, beer battered ogre bites, etc.

Chesty is a partner in the Inn with Conleth. Chesty has set up a room that is to be free for priests in the order of the Followers of the Way.

Chesty and Conleth also have a Gronkle Egg “on display” for a mere 1 sp donation.

In Session 61 the party learned that Horace Longfellow is the new owner.

See Also: Reyden Brightflame

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