The Organization

The Organization

Euphemism for the Thieves Guild of New Pollish/Pollish.

The Organization was using the earthquake’s chaos as an excuse to move into Farthorpe, since it now has newfound wealth worth the hassle.

Working with a croup of mercenaries turned to banditry. The Bandits were thwarted by the Party. Quinn Fagan was seen with the Bandits when Party put the hurt on them. The party tried to take out Quinn Fagan.

Later the party learned that Quinn Fagan quit The Organization to seek his revenge on the Party.

Fingers made it known to the Party that the The Organization would stay out of Farthorpe if the Party would keep its nose out of The Organization’s business.

The Organization has some unknown history with Hanagan the Red and Quinn Fagan was always trying to learn what the Party knows about Hanagan the Red.

Known Members:

Kings Tower Barony of Pollish

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