Treasure Map From Hill Giant Lair

Treasure Map From Hill Giant Lair

Player Notes:

There is a well-worn and edge tattered parchment.

This map has well-drawn lines indicating hills, streams, and other terrain features. While all of this is recognizable, it is in a style that is different from the maps you have seen. It seems foreign and perhaps ancient.

There is writing on it in ancient scripts. Multiple scribes are evident. Some more skilled and perhaps more educated than others. Some of the writing appears cut off by the tattered areas.

Comprehend Languages -

[There is a blurred symbol that indicates the cycle of the moon to read the parchment for more information.]

My Master’s tomb can only be entered by following his instructions.

There is wealth beyond bearing within. I am not tempted to venture within, as my Master has rewarded me with enough wealth to keep me well fed, entertained, and pleasured for the rest of my days. Furthermore, I know that death awaits all who try to enter without the proper understanding.

The fools in town thought I knew all my Master’s secrets, even those of a mystical nature. I told them I did not know, and warned them not to attempt to enter his resting place. Master placed much riches where the determined might reach, and yet live. The riches for the taking and digging no further. The fools were not satisfied with what they found and brought the destruction of the town upon their heads.

I am not as young as when I first took service with my Master, and only just escaped with my life, and the bag of gems my Master granted me. Not without injury to my leg. I now walk slowly and with a stick. My animal is dead and I am forced to walk to the east. I fear that bandits and thieves will set upon me in my condition. I hope and pray to The Justicemaker that if I fail to reach the Great Halls and Chambers of the Wizards of the East that a truthful and righteous person will find this and take it to it’s destination.”

Hill Giants

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