Zho Nis Dream-Vision

Zho Nis Dream-Vision

This is the dream-vision as Zho Ni remembers it. He shared it with the party.

The night spent after sealing the strange sarcophagus gives frightful visions of long ago battles in a far off age.

You see great beings, who can only be the Powers of Light and Powers of Darkness do battle over millennia long gone.

You see a warrior in plate mail with the symbols of truth and righteousness on the armor and shield. There is a glow about them. They wield a powerful sword that cleaves through the lesser demons with a flash.

The figure also bears a glowing orb from which gold and bright silver glowing tendrils emerge that bind great beings of evil visage.

As they fight to clear the way to approach the greatest of the evil creatures on the field of battle, they are grievously wounded and stumble many times. Through sheer force of will, the figure valiantly struggles to stand tall and move forward. Minor demons cannot approach the figure, but throw darts and magic. The figure binds two lesser figures that could be the lieutenants of the lead demon. It doesn’t seem so big now, and as the tendrils from the orb reach out to bind this last foul creature, they also reach out to the figure, who rises above the ground, glowing in a bright ball of the most intense white light. The demon screams in terror and agony. The dark roiling clouds part and the sun shines clearly, great beams of light shining down on the evil figures. The holy warrior is even brighter in the sunlight shining down.

With a final flash of light, the bound creatures are not to be seen. The dark orb floats in the air, growing lighter and brighter by the minute, until it shines like the sun.

The figure of the warrior is lost to your sight.

The scene changes and a man holding a young child in rags searches the field of battle, and suddenly stops over the warrior. He rushes to the warrior and removes the helmet, revealing a woman. She says in a language you don’t speak, but somehow understand, Radan, I told you I would see you again in this life! The words seem to take most of her strength. He fails at fighting back the tears. The child reaches out for her. She touches the child and there is a gentle glow. The woman says, I’m sorry little one, but our family must bear this burden. She gently squeezes the child’s thigh, and a mark like the scales appear. The child says in a strange and distant voice as they gaze into the distance, The one who is born with this mark will know that they are called to greatness and when the time comes, will have to make their choice. Just as my mother has made her choice, to save us all from darkness. Only they can enter the chamber that will be built over this place and retrieve The ORB to Renew the Binding.

At this, the child swoons gently in his mother’s arms. She uses the last of her strength to hold her husband and child for the last time.

Everything goes white.

A figure appears before you, ten times your size, floating in the air before you. They have very fine, but plain armor and instead of a face, they seem to just have a curved metal area in the most general shape of a face, but without features. The figure holds in their right hand a sword pointing straight down, and the cross guard is the crosspiece for a set of scales that shimmer and are neither gold nor silver, but at the same time are both gold and silver.

You sense the figure looking at you, even without eyes. It speaks to you, even though you see no mouth. The figure says, Zho Ni Apolsede, you wear the armor of one of those who follow the way of Virtue, and you bear the symbols of both virtue and truth. Do you take up this quest to serve the cause of virtue and truth?

Zho Ni answered Yes.

You must repair and seal the walls to keep the troglodytes from befouling this place. Clean and restore the healing fountain their killing of the greedy has befouled. Seal off the gate in the necromancer's tomb, and seal up the walls and fill the cavern. That far more ancient tomb was not known to the builders of the temple. The ley lines cross here, and many ancient battles of great forces have happened here. The Necromancer cannot leave his sarcophagus without help. Close the gate, and his followers will not be able to free him. Rebuild the wall and return my fallen servants to their rest. Seek those who can repair the roof, it must again be sealed. Remove the bodies of those seeking trinkets and bless each room. You must find the one who is prophesied. They are seeking their purpose, but have been sidetracked. Return them to the path and see them to this place. All will be made clear to them. You must go west until you find the last pillar.

I am The Justice Maker, The Truth Finder, I Judge, and I Pardon. I bring Light in Darkness and oppose those who seek to avoid death when it is unavoidable.

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