The party encountered them in Session 40.

The Red Lizardfolk inhabit an area of the sandy desert of The Broken Lands. They call themselves the Red Ssthmm. They have black scales with red highlights. They are well adapted to desert life.

They are an ancient people and knew of the Temple of Binding, The Necromancer, and the Son of The Necromancer.

Their leaders appointed Ssthak as emissary to the Sand Vikings and are to travel West with Kagnar to speak to his Jarl (lord/leader).

Ssthak is bringing his mount Kassthasa a Quaal on the journey. Quaals are large flightless birds they use as both mounts and food. They also use giant lizards as mounts and food.

The red Lizardfolk have strict etiquette and protocols called “The Forms” for traveling through their lands and engaging in trade, etc.

The birth of a three eyed giant lizard portended some troublesome event. News that the Temple of Binding is opened and that the Tomb of The Necromancer is found align with the Earthquake and following hordes of undead that soon followed.

The Ssthmm see the Sand Vikings as the only thing between the Son of The Necromancer and the Ssthmm. In turn, the Ssthmm are the only power/force between the Sand Vikings and the Temple of Binding. Since Gaul declared himself “The Champion of the Temple of Binding,” the Ssthm consider themselves in an alliance with The Temple of Binding and will do all they can to keep it safe. They plan to strengthen their defenses.

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