Player Session 42

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Player Session 42

See Also Session 42

After killing the squid, we rested and prepared to find what else was down the hole the squidipus came from.

I emptied my portable hole, and after some misgivings was able to give it to Gaul to use to bring up the loot. Gaul and Dink where able to breath under water and stave off the cold from some God Magic (who knew it would be helpful). And a haul they did bring up. Magic Cloak and Shield, to accompany the scroll, thousands of gold coins, rusted copper (have to pry the apart and see how they shine up) and loads and loads of jewelry and gems (also needs some polishing in some cases) and I feel stronger then ever!

I was even able to figure out a few spells I’ve been working on. I’m anxious to try them out.

The next day we split the magic items, I of course took the scroll (more spells!!) and set off. We will leave the coins and jewels till we arrive. We came to an oasis and had a sink hole encounter also, but some quick work between us flying and the crew tying we where able to pull the other ship out. Tense moment, thought the other ship was going to tip over after clearing the hole and hitting a rock. Noone would be able to understand the sight having not seen a huge sand ship on one set of wheels, everyone sliding on deck. It is a sight. Speaking of sights,……..Canis can now turn into a wolf,….I don’t know how, but he does it.

I tried one of my new spells on the SandWorm Baby we captured, it appeared to have no effect. Perhaps they are immune, or I cast it incorrectly, further research is needed.

We have arrived at the Sand Viking Town.

It is much bigger then Farthorp but not as big as King’s Crossing, it is a relief to see after all this time. We are immediately to be presented to the Jarl (Yarl?), Sssthok is of course the honored guest, and we have apparently caused quiet a commotion. We are apparently. This Desert fortress seems like it could hold off quiet an attack.

The Jarl (Yaarl?) looks to be an old warrior of many battles. He is apparently our Captain’s father, (this hadn’t been mentioned before). We are going to be sent after this the HIGH Jarl, ( no idea what that means).

We have decided to buy a sand ship…..The SandWitch, With Captain Burger……..I can’t make this up. We also are buying mounts, and trade goods. There is a feast tonight and then we leave in the day after that. Sand Viking Feasts….lot of Formalities, and lot of food. We leave for and arrive at the Great Jarl’s city within in a day. It is apparently in the center of a wheel of Viking Towns, organizations of the “harbor” is much like a marine of the same.

We have arrived in Haven.

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