Player Session 56

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> **DATE:** November 29, 2020 - **See Also:** [[Session 56]]


< **See Also:** [[Session 56]]

Session 56

DATE: November 29, 2020 - See Also: Session 56

We have defeated the “Horde” Patrol, Huge Fireball on the Part of Jorl. We have captured 2 of their beasts that Gaul wants to sacrifice to his Dark God. It seems to make the crew a bit nervous, both keeping the beasts on board and the inevitable fate of the creatures. The whole “living sacrifice” part makes me uneasy also, mainly because Gaul’s “little man (so little)” is just so “present” while it happens. And Gaul and his Gawd also seem to prefer sentient, awake sacrifices. Gaul also used his abilities to speak with the leader of the Horde Scout form “beyond the viel”. He gave us a list of names of people who work for the Son of The Necromancer, the fact that the SoN is seeking a key of some kind, and dicked us around about wether or not the Necromancer and Fire Mountain have any connection. They attempted to talk the dead guy several more times, the only bit of information that was of use is that the SoN is looking for a physical object somewhere in the Necropolis.

Radan got Gawd struck with a vision, Gaul tried to interfere and apparently got the Gawd dick right to the side of the face, long story short they had visions that we had to bless one of the 4 obelisks surrounding the Necropolis. Taking their word as Radan is spossed to be “Gawd Blessed” or something (he’s certainly boring enough to fit the bill), we’ll take it as what we need to do. Enroute to said Obelisks we where attacked, someone tried to assassinate Stohagan, which is just out of order. The Assassin tried to fly away after getting hit by my Magic Missile, he also had a flying compatriot appear, I hit them both with a fireball, after seeing Jorl cast one, I have wanted an excuse to see how I’d do. I believe I made a fair showing, the assassin dropped immediately, the other guy took a few arrows and almost bled out. Gaul healed him and is likely going to sacrifice him and have relations with his corpse later. First I would like to question him about the Wand and his Spellbook he had with him. When the Other Guy wakes up and we begin the questioning. He is not helpful, apparently the Horde is a death Cult dedicated to the Necromancer, he is a tried and true believer and has no fear of death,…..or pain. We proceed to the obelisk and Campion does some of his priest magic as directed by Radan. The Obelisk was broken and defiled, we cleaned it and cast a spell and it began to reform. Coincidently Fire Mountain started rumbling and spewing smoke, might mean something,……but it IS a volcano so……who knows?

It is my desire to repeat this on all the Obelisks, Radan says we only need one, but it seems risky to only do one and its also a cool effect Id like to see again. We shall see what the future holds.

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