Session 33

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< The party relayed to the village priest [[]] that Lennon Sheridan is OK.


> The party relayed to the village priest [[Decklan Cathmore]] that Lennon Sheridan is OK.

Session 33

DATE: 14 June, 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM

The party continues the search for the druid.

It is about 4:30 PM the 19th of Harvestmoon. The party is in the village of Tyrar after chasing the ghouls who killed two hirelings were tracked to the Big Barrel tavern.

The party decides to stay in the village to rest.

Gaul ranges out looking for a likely place to leave an offering in an attempt to attract some fey creatures. He finds a stream going through some low hills and sets up a primitive altar with some dried fruit as an offering. He heard some rustling in the bushes behind him and kept still so as not to scare away the fey creature.

It was actually an ogre that took a swing at his back and missed. Gaul and the ogre traded blows, and it was a near fought battle, but Gaul lived to tell the tale.

The next morning, the 20th, they went into the hills looking for an animal to ask about the druid, Lennon Sheridan. Gaul attempted to track animals and found signs of snakes and followed them to a rock outcropping where they were sunning themselves and they reacted poorly to Gaul’s efforts and left.

They realized they could see what must be the eastern end of the Ettin’s trail and went back and found the partially sealed Ettin’s laid apparently undisturbed. Gaul found signs of about a dozen koblod tracks. The party followed the tracks and came to the area with the two bodies of one of the males and his partner. Tracks of about another dozen kobolds were around the smashed bones of the Ettins. It appears that the kobolds took their revenge on the bones.

The party headed in the direction of the kobold tracks and soon saw signs of about another dozen kobolds. Canis managed to find a squirrel to talk to and it mentioned the druid had not been seen since the days of his grandfather. The druid is somewhere to the East. The squirrel mentioned a dragon.

The party went East to find the druid. They managed to sight signs of a holy grove and a druid circle of stones. They reached the area adn found a vine covered tower. Canis knocked on the door and there was no answer, and it is locked.

Jorl tried to climb the tower, via the vines, and they reached out to grab him, but he was only slowed in his ascent. As he crested the tower a large hawk squawked in his face and flew off.

Gaul downed his potion of gaseous form and entered the tower looking for the druid.

Suddenly, the rest of the party, except Canis, who managed to avoid it, were entangled. The druid, Lennon Sheridan stepped out and shamed Canis for his poor manners as a druid for letting his impertinent friends deal with her tower.

Lennon is clearly in good health and has been keeping near the sacred grove and circle to protect them from the few remaining undead. She shared that has she not been near them when the undead came, she would not be here now. (The grove and circle seem to give her some advantage against them.)

The party asked about Grog, the goblin chief. Lennon explains that Grog is no goblin and for his own reasons chooses to take the form of Grog, whom he replaced. Lennon advised the party not to take him out as that would upset the balance she has struggled to maintain between Grog and Kalvix. Kalvix is a dragon and the kobolds work for him.

She will not pledge fealty to the baron, since the hills are not part of the kingdom, nor his territory. She works to maintain the balance and keep the people of Farthorpe Valley safe.

The party mentioned the baron’s wife, whom they assume is evil. Lennon stated that if the party can bring proof that she is evil and a threat to the balance between Grog and Kalvix, that she will step in, but unless she is a clear and provable threat, she will stay out of the affairs of Farthorpe.

The party returns to Farthorpe in the wee hours of the 21st where Chesty picks up the two silver ladles he plans to gift to the Temple of Binding. Gaul hires 4 mercenaries and 6 laborers. Gaul also over the course of two days, the 21st & 22nd, casts speak with dead to ask Olan & Rogan if they liked their service with Gaul, and if they were satisfied with how their death was avenged. Both of them answered yes to the first question, and silence on the second.

The party relayed to the village priest Decklan Cathmore that Lennon Sheridan is OK.

Chesty sold his unhatched Gronkle Egg to a buyer. He also bought a potion of Invisibility from Hanagan.

Jorl looked for Mark to try and hire him, but Mark was not around. So Jorl left a note for Mark to go West into the Broken Lands to join them.

We left off the morning of the 22nd while the party decides if they need to do or buy anything else before they go to the Temple of Binding to meet up with the Sand Viking to sale West and deal with the Son of the Necromancer.

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