Session 51

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< **DATE:** Sunday, October 25, 2020 Noon - 3:30 PM EDT **See Also:** [[Players Session 51]]


> **DATE:** Sunday, October 25, 2020 Noon - 3:30 PM EDT **See Also:** [[Player Session 51]]

Session 51

DATE: Sunday, October 25, 2020 Noon - 3:30 PM EDT See Also: Player Session 51

6:30 PM 24th of Summerend, the party finds a spot to camp for the night and have no issues.

The 25th of Summerend, the party presses on and comes to the oasis at midday. The ships are not there. they find 2 dead Harpies full of arrows. Chesty points to them and Grak's Finger begins to devour the remains that have been picked at by scavengers.

Chesty casts fly and ascends and sees three ships 4-5 miles away and heads towards them. As he gets closer, he notices that the sails are down and the crew seems to be milling about. He sees two harpies sitting on the side of one of the ships eating one of the dead. He goes invisible and gets behind them and casts slow.

He then wins initiative and casts continual light into the eyes of one. They both sing, but Chesty resists their song. Chesty then charms the other one.

Once Grak's Finger has finished the harpies and notices Chesty is gone, and the others point to the flying Chesty, and Grak's Finger goes off in search of his friend.

The troll arrives and slays and eats the blinded harpy, then helps Chesty defeat the charmed harpy. The crew then come to their senses. Chesty notices a rock outcropping beyond the direction of the oasis, and assumes it it the harpy’s lair.

Chesty sends the Sand Witch under captain Birger to get the rest of the party.

The ships then go to the rock out cropping with the harpies and get there shortly before nightfall. There is a spire of rocks where the harpies nest and their song attracts Gaul, Canis, and most of the crew. Dinkgus uses an audible illusion of fog to silence the harpies’ song. The 3 harpies and all but Canis and 4 crew believe they no longer hear the song.

Jorl casts web to block the ascent of those under the influence of the harpies and Canis and all four crew are caught.

Jorl shoots one, they fly off. Dinkgus drops the two uninjured ones and the third is felled. Grak's Finger begins gorging again.

The party finds 7,000 coppers and 2,000 silvers in the nest amongst the bones.

They stay the night without incident.

They then head towards The Necropolis. The first day of travel, 26th of Summerend, is without incident.

The 27th of Summerend, about midday, a lookout spies ruins. Of course, they go investigate. This is an old outpost/fort that was converted to a tomb/mausoleum in the distant past.

They to to enter the central building and two trolls roar behind them that Gaul and Radan charge.

Spells eliminate two images of the Lammia inside. Canis is charmed and moves to defend the lammia. Chesty drops a wall of ice on the two trolls. Chesty points Grak's Finger in the direction of the inside fight.

Canis steps between the troll and the lammia and strikes Grak's Finger who miraculously decides to put his charge into the lammia.

the two trolls outside vanish.

Jorl enlarges himself.

Grak's Finger hits Canis once and the Lammia twice. Jorl charges the lammia and the fight is over.

They find 6,000 gp.

It is now 3:00 PM the 27th of Summerend.

Chesty XP for 2 Harpies = 326 XP

Party XP for 3 Harpies & 1 Lammia = 483 + 2180 = 2,663 / 8 = 333 XP

Treasure 7,000 cp & 2,000 sp from Harpies and 6,000 gp from Lammia. Total GP/XP Value =6,235 / 7 = 891 GP/XP.

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