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Session 62

Sesson 62

DATE: Sunday, January 17, 2021 Noon - 3:30 PM See Also: Player Session 62

3:30 PM-Midnight 6th Leafturn for bulk of party and Noon 5th Leafturn for Gaul, Renelen, and Radan

Year 567 of the (new) Kingdom of Drahn, or year 5 of the reign of King Dermot the 2nd

Short Version will add details later:

Long Version:

Chesty seeks audience with the Baron and gets it. Jorl accompanies him. Chesty states his case to the Baron. The Baron orders guards first to fetch lord Horace Longfellow, and then to get Conleth Vail.

Chesty shows his bill of sale for a 40% share in the Fallen Paladin. He also mentioned that he had the sale recorded. So the baron’s advisors, Cronan Gilmore and Darragh Blathmac review the bill of sale and then the wizardly advisor, Cronan Gilmore, goes and looks up the record of the sale.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was in the street and watched Chesty and Jorl escorted into the baron and a short while later a guard come get Horace, and then a bit later another get Conleth. They return to the bar to wait for the outcome.

The Baron and Horace reveal in the “trial” that they have known each other since they were youths at the Brighthaven Academy of Excellence, where all the rich and powerful send their Younger Sons and Daughters to be educated in the ways of the world. Baron Jeffrey points out that the issue of Horace framing Conleth will be a stain on his reputation and that of his family. His name would be stricken from the roster of honored graduates. After all, “What would headmaster Gunderson say, if he could see this?”

Horace tries to argue that what if he tells his father? Baron Jeffrey replies, “What if I tell my father, the Count of Brighthaven, who has the ear of the king?” that silences Horace. The Baron also pointed out that his title of “lord” is an honorific due to the younger son of a titled lord, and not to forget his place in Baron Jeffrey’s domain. (The Baron did a lot of temple rubbing and rubbing the bridge of his nose.)

The wizard, Cronan Gilmore, comes out with the record proving Chesty’s words. The baron strikes a deal that both Chesty and Conleth agree to: The return of the Fallen Paladin and all coin and valuables. Horace will be allowed to stay with the Baron until he can arrange passage home.

Chesty, Jorl, and Conleth return to the Fallen Paladin, and “lord” Horace Longfellow is escorted by two guards of the Baron to get his belongings and ensure that Conleth gets all his money and valuables back. Chesty checks up on the books and gets his income for two months.

Chesty tells Conleth to prepare a festival for the celebration of the memory of the fallen Mark.

The party then goes to get some items identified by Hanagan and Dar Dar Az Ona.

Gaul consults his phylactery asking various questions and finds that his deity is OK with him taking it to the Temple of Binding, or giving it to Renelen, so Gaul agrees to go to the Temple of Binding with Renelen. Gaul agrees to wait while Renelen runs back to town to leave word with the party. Renelen arrives out of breath as the party is returning to the Fallen Paladin after leaving to Hanagan’s.

Radan agrees to go with Renelen to travel with Gaul to the Temple of Binding. They walk West past the cairn to The Fallen Paladin, Radan’s sister. Gaul didn’t want to deal with the Followers of The Way. Then they head south to the hills and sleep and relearn spells. On the 5th the locate a low area and Radan stands guard while Renelen casts darkness and Silence 15’ Radius above them so Gaul can share with Renelen that he is under a curse by his deity who is more of a demon, and wants to use the scepter to get his freedom and his revenge.

Radan convinces Gaul that it might be better to ensure that the Scepter is sealed away safely with the help of Zho Ni and the Temple of Binding. So about Noon on the 5th of Leafturn, Gaul, Renelen, and Radan walk toward the Temple of Binding.

The rest of the party relaxes and enjoys sleeping in real beds in private rooms. After a night’s rest Chesty and Stohagan identify more items on the 5th of Leafturn. They rest again and have more items identified. It is now about Midnight the 6th of Leafturn for those in Farthorpe.

Party’s Stated Plans for next Session: Session 62

Midnight 6th Leafturn for bulk of party and Noon 5th Leafturn for Gaul, Renelen, and Radan

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