The Fractured Kingdoms

Fractured Kingdoms

Currently 22 “kingdoms” fighting over control of the plains to the north of the ancient capital Jaran of the Dulmar Empire. Some are small but border the ancient limits of Jaran, Zadral, and Vardan, and have managed to get access to items to help them hold against stronger neighbors with bigger areas (more resources). Those “kingdoms” to the north away from the ancient cities tend to be bigger in area, but have less magic to aid them. Many claim the title of emperor, and consider all the others, even the Kingdom of The Three Cities, to be in rebellion. The official take of the Kingdom of The Three Cities, is that they will renounce their thrones to the true heir, but proving such is nearly impossible. Some rulers of the Fractured Kingdoms can trace elaborate genealogies to one or more cadet lines of the imperial blood, but few have convincing, or legitimate claims.

These kingdoms are often advertising for mercenaries in the Kingdom of The Three Cities and elsewhere often with a high bounty for signing up. The caveat is that the signee has to get themselves there to collect the bonus, then live through the stipulated number of battles, campaigns, or years to collect/live to spend it.

There is a proverb about those adventurous or foolhardy enough to sign up: Go a fighting in the Fractured Kingdoms and your mother will soon be a weeping o’er your grave.

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