13 February 2021

Characters Present


We join the party as they’re fleeing the mists of the Misty Isle. They decide to head back to The Master's Tower. We hit something and go flying!

Q looks down and back while in the middle of the air and sees something metal and grey pursuing them through the air. The party’s skiff lands on a sand-bar, hurting the party, but the skiff seems to be intact. The Master’s Tower is 1/2 a mile in the distance.

Sir Leopold leads the party in trying to push the skiff back into the water. It moves slightly. The metal object continues speeding toward the party. George readies a spell. The party heaves again, freeing the skiff from the sand bar. George casts light at the flying ship. It comes to a halt as the pilots are apparently blinded.

George urges the party to attack the flying thing, so Sir Eld swings the skiff around as they come back to try to board the flying ship. George throws a grappling hook. It finds purchase! Sir Leopold attaches the rope to the skiff.

Q climbs the rope. At the top, he finds a nearly smooth surface: only an antenna is visible as an anchor point. There’s also a place for an Eld to open a door with their hand-print. Sir Eld starts climbing the rope. Mid-climb, the ship starts moving again, back toward the Misty Isle. George pulls the rope, hoping to break off the antenna. First attempt fails. Eddard joins. Success!

Sir Eld and Quildosse manage to climb inside the ship after Sir Eld opens the door. A fight ensues! Q kills one of the two Eld inside as Sir Eld attacks the other. The other, seeing his comrade fall, turns the ship in a collision course toward the skiff.

Despite attempts from Q and Sir Eld, the ship crashes into the skiff. KABOOM Q, Goran, Otto, Cynric, and Cypher.

A little fishing boat approaches. Aboard are Alice, a thief, and Hernan, a Paladin. They rescue the party and bring them ashore to rest and recover.

They approach The Master’s Tower and are met by War Bears. They rest for a few days, until they’ve recovered all their health. The party gets some of their items identified and shuffle items.

The party decides to travel by boat. On the way, they drop “Soulrender” into the ocean.