15 November 2020

Characters Present


Characters meet Quildosse after moving past the void cap’s cavern. They had heard of a large crab nearby. Characters go to meet the crab – The Crab Hermit. After talking and trading with the crab, they deliberate about their next move. They finally decide to try to recover pearls from the bottom of a pool earlier in the cave.

While trying to retrieve the pearls, Timmenclen decides to try to soak up some acid in his spongy skin. Soaks up the acid, dying in the process. Party retrieves the 7 pearls and decides to go back to Marlinko.

On the way back, the party hears a couple voices arguing. Two very good looking individuals. As party approaches, they stop arguing. Delvin and Quildosse notice that the two have discollored teeth. They’re lycanthopes. They attack, transforming into wereworms.

Wereworms attack, missing. Party take on the first wereworm, taking it down after three attacks. Remaining wereworm attacks in retaliation at Quildosse, striking him down. Party attacks, dealing much damage. Party attacks again, doing some damage. Remaining wereworm rushes to attack Delvin. He had his bow ready and gets a shot off before it reaches him, but misses. It misses, too. Delvin runs, shooting an arrow as he flees. It hits, but does little damage. Sir Leopold and Janus manage to strike it, but don’t do enough to kill. It attacks Delvin, striking him down. Sir Leopold steps in and decapitates the last wereworm.


Quildosse and Delvin wake up. They’re each injured for 5 weeks.

Sir Leopold dismembers each wereworm and buries the pieces separate from each other.

Onoronoda comes across the party and joins them.

They set watches and sleep through the night with no disruptions.

The next day, they come across web-footed creatures carrying wood, wandering the landscape. The party avoids them.

They safely make it to Marlinko and go directly to their favorite tavern.

760 XP is assigned to each character present.

They sell loot, gaining 1250 gp.

On the way to the market, party is approached by a woman with a veil and dress. Hands out pamphlets. Name is Biserka, tells of “My Lady and Goddess of this Land, Hiberka.” She’s part of a religion and invites the party to join. They have a meeting place. Pamphlet says “come join The Evening Star Society.” “Worshipers of the Celestial Lady.” Meet in house near Samo’s Well.

Sir Leopold buys plate armor and a silver dagger.

The party go carousing in the Sullen Apiarian Contrada. Find their way to Jarek's, where there’s a fighting pit.

Quildosse and Onoronoda return safely. Sir Leopold gets drunk and is mugged at The Flaming Goat.